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Applications sought for a Problem Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI) Competency Director

The IUSM Office for Undergraduate Medical Education is seeking a Problem Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI) Competency Director.

The IUSM PBLI goal is to ensure that students will be able to actively set and pursue clear learning goals and exploit new opportunities for intellectual growth and development. The PBLI Competency Director will provide insight and expertise into the development of curricular activities, assessments and programs to support this goal. The selected individual will also provide significant creative and administrative input into the development and delivery of a new longitudinal course utilizing a teaching electronic medical record as a tool for the integration of lifelong learning skills into the clinical practice of medicine. The PBLI competency director will also foster the growth of formal self-directed learning activities throughout the curriculum.

The primary objective of this position is to facilitate the teaching, assessment, development and documentation of students’ competence in the area of Practice Based Learning and Improvement. The incumbent will also be responsible for crafting effective remediation plans for students with identified deficiencies in this domain. To this end, the director will work closely with course and clerkship directors, faculty from all IUSM campuses, students, competency directors and the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education. This competency director focuses on improving and assessing the portions of the competency curriculum related to Practice Based Learning and Improvement including reviewing competency-related course materials. The competency director will work with IUSM educators in developing and implementing a new integrated competency-based curriculum for all four years of medical school.
Job duties include:

    • Collaborate with the office of Undergraduate Medical Education to identify courses or clerkships in which the Practice Based Learning and Improvement competency domain might be best learned, practiced and evaluated and serve as a resource to course and clerkship directors to develop and implement curriculum in their competency domain.
    • Develop and implement assessments both at the course level and the statewide level in the Practice Based Learning and Improvement competency domain.
    • Monitor student performance and provide assistance to students having difficulty in the Practice Based Learning and Improvement competency domain to improve performance and remediate deficiencies.
    • Serve on the competency director administrative group (which meets monthly) to coordinate activities of the competency directors.
    • Serve on school committees as needed to represent the competency curriculum, examples may include serving on Curriculum Committees, Academic Standards, Student Promotions, etc.
      Candidates must have interest and experience in medical education and/or methods of adult education and have a written commitment from their department chairman to protect a minimum of 20 percent FTE for this educational administrative role. The Dean’s Office provides an annual allocation of $20,000 to the competency director’s department or unit in recognition of the Director’s role in the curriculum.

Interested individuals should submit a letter of interest, a CV and a letter of support from their department chair that specifically addresses the candidate’s protected time for the position to the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education at

Applications should be received no later than January 26, 2015.