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Adobe Connect Retirement at IU – Transition Support from UITS


The following is an updated message from UITS regarding content on the Adobe Connect retirement.

In preparation for the retirement of Adobe Connect later this year, we are writing to share updated information about new services and documentation to help you migrate your Connect content and support your transition to Zoom.

Migrating Adobe Connect Recordings

Over the next few months, UITS will be converting all Adobe Connect recordings to MP4 format. By early summer, you will be able to save converted files to your computer and upload them to Box or Kaltura, Indiana University’s video management system. More information will be provided as soon as the service is available.

Migrating Adobe Presenter Files

Adobe Presenter files published to the Adobe Connect server will need to be moved to another location by December 28, 2017 if you want to keep them.  UITS will be offering a migration service for users who need assistance with moving Presenter content in late spring or early summer. Additional details will be provided in the coming months.

For instructions on migrating your content now, see About the Adobe Connect Retirement.

Note: Adobe Presenter will continue to be available under the Adobe licensing agreement.

Transitioning from Adobe Connect to Zoom

After August 31, 2017, Adobe Connect will no longer be available for conducting live meetings. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with using Zoom as soon as possible.

To learn how to accomplish specific Adobe Connect tasks in Zoom, view Adobe Connect to Zoom. Additionally, IT Training is offering a new online workshop specifically for Adobe Connect users transitioning to Zoom.

Getting Started with Zoom

For assistance in getting started with Zoom, please view the following:

(*) Access your free account by signing in at

(*) Explore About Zoom for instructions and guides on Zoom@IU.

(*) Attend a Zoom webinar from IT Training.

(*) Contact your campus teaching and learning center.