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Remember to submit Class of 2022 funds


Andrea Gonzalez

Hello Everyone!

My name is Lauren Pitz and I am you class of 2022 treasurer. As class treasurer I am in charge of collecting the class fund from all members of our class across the 9 campuses. The class fund is a one-time contribution of $140 for the Indianapolis campus and $125 for all 8 regional campuses. This fee is required of all first-year medical students in order to cover a variety of class events throughout our four years of medical school. I also want to make sure that our regional campus students are aware that their class fund payments will only fund activities that they will be directly involved in. The Indy campus students each pay an additional $15 that are to be used for campus specific activities.

I will keep track of the class fund payments and those who do not pay their class fund will not be able to attend Match Day festivities.

The class fund is payable by one of three methods:

Option 1: You can Venmo $140 or $125 (depending on your campus) to @IUSM2022. Please include your name, “IUSM Class Fund”, and your campus in the subject line. I will mark you as paid once I receive your payment, you don’t have to email me.

Option 2: You can use Paypal to send your payment to IUSM Class of 2022. You can find our business Paypal by searching my email: Please include your name, “IUSM Class Fund”, and campus in the subject line. I will mark you as paid once I receive your payment, you don’t have to email me.
To send the money via Paypal follow these instructions:

  • Select the option ‘send to a friend’ and enter the amount:
    • If using a debit/credit card, there is a small surcharge on top of this amount so please send $144.50 to cover the extra PayPal fee.
    • However, if using your balance or bank account linked to a PayPal account, there is no surcharge (in other words, send $140 only).

If you already paid your class fund I already have your names and you are good to go.
Finally: If for any reason you cannot afford to pay the class fund, please contact me to work out alternate arrangements. You can email me at

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