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MS2: Step 1 delay: Application process and what to expect


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Note: This post is from the 2018-19 Academic Year. Please review the MD Student MedNet Step 1 page for updated information.

Many of you have a study plan for Step 1. If you would like help with your plan, please reach out to your Lead Advisor or the Learning Specialist.

Some students become concerned about their preparation or potential failure of Step 1 and may not feel ready to take Step 1 by the deadline on Saturday, April 7.

All students who are granted a delay for Step 1 are required to attend Transitions 2. There are three reasons students can request a delay for Step 1:

  1. Remediation of P1Y2 course. Students who are remediating a course from the second year are automatically granted a delay of Step 1. Students who delay for this reason will take a vacation in their first month and will need to take Step 1 by May 12.
  2. Leave of absence. Students who are planning to take a leave of absence to improve their mental health or well-being will need to complete a form, which requires the approval of the Lead Advisor and the senior associate dean or a designate. View the full policy here.

Failing scores on practice exams. Students who are not passing  Comprehensive Basic Science Self-Assessments (CBSSAs) can request a delay of Step 1 from the Ad Hoc committee. The committee will review the student’s scores and may provide recommendations such as attendance at a structured Step 1 prep program. Students should submit this request to Dr. Klemsz ( no later than April 1.

Sometimes students are concerned about the consequences of failing  Step 1. We are committed to helping you succeed. If you are concerned about your preparedness for Step 1, we encourage you to reach out to your Lead Advisor or the Learning Specialist for assistance. You can also review the Procedure for Students who Fail Step 1.

In 2017, IU School of Medicine’s  mean Step 1 score was 231, and the national mean was 230. We hope to continue a positive trend and are here to help. If you need help as you continue with Step 1 preparation, contact your Lead Advisor or the Learning Specialist.

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