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It’s time to register for Step 1


Students can now register for Step 1. Step 1 is a national examination needed for your graduation and eventual licensure. Your score on this exam will be a major determinant in your competitiveness for residency.

Note: Prometric sites in Indianapolis have not yet opened all available Step 1 test dates in March. Prometric expects these dates to be updated closer to November. Students should consult the rescheduling policy if they decide to change dates.

Registration information

School policy requires that students take this exam prior to beginning Phase 2 clinical rotations. The start date for Phase 2, Transitions 2 is Monday, April 8, 2019. Students need to schedule Step 1 on a date on or prior to April 6. This deadline is for all students regardless of subsequent Phase 2 schedule or transition to dual degree programs.

Registration steps

Register for Step 1 by logging on to the National Board of Medical Examiners’ (NBME) website.

  1. Click on the “Students and Residents” option, then the “Login to NBME Licensing Exam Services” link.
  2. Unless you have previously applied for a USMLE examination, you should click on the “First-time User” link in the login text box and follow the instructions for accessing your USMLE ID number.
  3. Part of the application for Step 1 is handled online. Part of the application process requires you to print a hard copy certification form off of the web-site for completion. You will need to affix a photograph to this hard copy certification form and have the form signed and sealed by an IU School of Medicine official.
  4. Students at a campus outside of Indianapolis should have this form signed and sealed by staff in their campus director’s offices. Indianapolis students should bring this form to the Registrar’s Office in the Van Nuys Medical Science Building, (Rooms 162) for certification.
  5. Make sure you select the correct campus under Medical School Information. The screen will default to the Indianapolis campus. Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate campus.
    • IU School of Medicine’s nine campuses are noted separately in the online application. Make certain that you indicate the correct campus on your registration. Indianapolis students should register under the general “Indiana University School of Medicine” option while other campuses will have their sites specifically noted.
  6. Students have the option to select a three-month eligibility period for taking Step 1. We recommend selecting March, April and May for this eligibility period. Learn more about the eligibility period.
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