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<p>This summer, 118 Class of 2021 medical students from all nine of IU School of Medicine’s campuses presented their research projects at the Indiana Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship (IMPRS) poster session. One hundred and three of these students completed a summer research experience directly through IMPRS, which connects students with a research mentor to [&hellip;]</p>

Congratulations to the 2018 IMPRS participants


IMPRS poster session

This summer, 118 Class of 2021 medical students from all nine of IU School of Medicine’s campuses presented their research projects at the Indiana Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship (IMPRS) poster session. One hundred and three of these students completed a summer research experience directly through IMPRS, which connects students with a research mentor to explore topics in translational research, clinical research, health research outcomes and community health education. The remaining 15 students completed experiences with organizations such as the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), Slemenda Scholar Program and Oxford University.

With many great research opportunities like IMPRS, the number of medical students at IU School of Medicine who completed research and scholarly projects is approximately five percent above the national average. Completing research while in medical school gives students the chance to explore career options, increase their application strength to competitive residencies and build their professional mentor network. All medical students are encouraged to complete a research and scholarly experience during their time at IU School of Medicine. Stay tuned for more information about the IMPRS informational sessions all campuses. Applications for the summer 2019 IMPRS program will open to the Class of 2022 in November.

IMPRS will soon publish a journal of abstracts from 2018 student projects. This publication is intended to provide participating IMPRS students with a scholarly product that they can cite as part of their experience in IMPRS.

IMPRS Award Winners, Finalists and Honorable Mentions

During the July 27 IMPRS poster session, a panel of volunteer faculty judges selected 20 finalists for oral research presentations and 16 students for honorable mention. The 20 finalists completed their oral presentations on August 1 for the final awards.

Award Winners

  • First Place (tie)
    • Marissa Bruce – Buckner Family Scholarship
    • Cutter Koehler – Claude Smith Black, MD, Award for Outstanding Work in Research
  • Third place
    • Roshni Patel – William H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship
  • Fourth Place
    • Jonathan Wheeler – Hazel and Tommy Thompson Cardiac Research Scholarship
  • Fifth Place
    • Emily Hentz – Marvella Bayh Memorial Scholarship
  • Sixth Place
    • Samuel Luebbe – Hazel and Tommy Thompson Cardiac Research Scholarship
  • Seventh Place (tie)
    • Maaz Arif – Hazel and Tommy Thompson Cardiac Research Scholarship
    • Amit Nag – General Excellence Award
  • Ninth Place
    • Blake Simon – Hazel and Tommy Thompson Cardiac Research Scholarship
  • Tenth Place
    • Whitney Phillips – Buckner Family Scholarship
  • Eleventh Place
    • Stephan Hu – General Excellence Award
  • Twelfth Place
    • Monica Cheng – Marvella Bayh Memorial Scholarship
Student’s Name Mentor
Alexander Peters Melissa Kacena, PhD
Amit Nag Rick Nelson, MD, PhD
Andrew Shearn Jennifer Carnahan, MD
Blake Simon Johnathan Tune
Brandon Francis Mari Hopper, PhD
Collete Ciresi Linda DiMeglio, MD
Cutter Koehler Burcin Ekser, MD, PhD
David Muschi Raj Vuppalanchi, MD
Emily Hentz Gabriel Filipelli, PhD
Hannah M. Moore Troy Markel, MD
Johnathan Wheeler Kenneth White, PhD
Kalina Misiolek Leonid Rubchinsky, PhD, and Robert M. Worth, PhD
Katlyn Sawyer Heidi Beidinger, PhD
Samuel Luebbe Johnathan Tune, PhD
Maaz Arif Ashay Bhatwadekar, PhD
Marissa Bruce William Truitt, PhD
Monica Cheng Gary Hutchins, PhD
Roshni Patel Reuben Kapur, PhD
Stephan Hu Yunlong Liu, PhD
Whitney Phillips Benjamin Nti, MD


Honorable Mentions
Student’s Name Mentor
Anna C Scalzo Amy Lewis-Gilbert, MPH, JD
Anthony Douglas II Peng Chen, MD
Brett Walker Christie Orschell, PhD
Cameron Duffner and Xyryl Pablo Jeffrey Nickel, MD
Daniel Gibson Polly Husmann, PhD
Eric Galante Mark Payne, MD
Gary Ulrich Hemant Pandit
Henry Stadler Stephanie Ware, MD, PhD
Alexandra Jostes Debra Litzelman, MD
Joyce Mannon Marianne Matthias
Michael Wiley Nathan Alves, PhD
Mumtaz Munshi Daniel Corson-Knowles, MD
Obi Nwosu Heather Hundley, PhD
Paige Schultheis Mark Geraci, MD
Leo Song Mahua Dey, MD
Honglin Xiao R. Michael Meneghini, MD


Special Thanks to the Volunteer Faculty Judges and Mentors


Daren Beam, MD
Jill Connors
Vicki Simpson
Anita Ohmit
Carson Anye
Gutta Jyosna
Liu Chiung-Ju, PhD
Eric Orman, MD
Todd Skaar, PhD
Karen Pollok, PhD
Michael Eadon, MD
Quyen Hoang, PhD
Brady Atwood, PhD
Lilian Plotkin, PhD
Emily Sims, MD
Matthew Bair, MD
Craig Lammert, MD
Eric Benson, MD, PhD
Teresa Bell, PhD
Robert Considine, PhD
Adrian Oblak, PhD
Hiromi Tanaka, PhD
Lauren Nephew, MD
Andrew Lobashevsky, MD, PhD
Megan McHenry, MD
Yu-Chien Wu, MD, PhD
Robyn Fuchs, PhD
William Thompson, PhD
Erica Clinkenbeard, PhD
Jie Zhang, PhD
Nuria Morral, PhD
Hongxia Ren, PhD
Travis Jerde, PhD
Patrick Sheets, PhD
Kristin Hoffmann-Longtin, PhD
Christen Dilly, MD


Alice Mitchell, MD
Alon Harris, PhD, and Brent Siesky, PhD
Amy Lewis-Gilbert, MPH, JD
Andrea Shin, MD
Andy Saykin, PsyD
Ashay Bhatwadekar, PhD
Benjamin Nti, MD
Bill Bennett, MD
Burcin Ekser, MD, PhD
Bruce Lamb, PhD
Catherine Sears, MD
Christie Orschell, PhD
Dan Corson-Knowles, MD
David Boone, PhD
Dawn Bravata, MD
Debomoy Lahiri, PhD
Debra Litzelman, MD
Douglas Rex, MD
Edward Miech, EDD
Elliot Androphy, MD
Eric Orman, MD
Evan Fogel, MD
Fletcher White PhD
Frances Russell, MD
Gabriel Filippelli, PhD
Gary Hutchins, PhD
Greg Merrell, MD
Haitao Guo, PhD
Heather Hundley, PhD
Heidi Beidinger, PhD
Jeffrey Kline, MD
Jennifer Carnahan, MD
Jennifer Piatt, PhD
John Wo, MD
Johnathan Tune, PhD
Katherine E. Ridely-Merriweather
Kathryn Jones, PhD
Katie Pettitt, MD
Kenneth White, PhD
Kirsten Kloepfer, MD, MS
Leonid Rubchinsky, PhD and Robert M. Worth, PhD
Liana Apostolova, MD
Linda DiMeglio,  MD
Mahua Dey, MD
Marc Mendonca, PhD
Margaret Schwarz, MD
Mari Hopper, PhD
Marianne Matthias
Mark Geraci, MD
Mark Payne, MD
Matt Landman, MD
Matt Turner, MD, PhD
Matthew Johnson, MD and Paul Haste, MD
Matthias A. Clauss, PhD
Melissa Kacena, PhD
Michael Meneghini, MD
Michael Sturek, MS, PhD
Mircea Ivan, MD, PhD, and Heiko Konig, MD, PhD
Monika Fischer, MD
Nash Whitaker, MD
Nathan Alves, PhD
Nerissa Bauer, MD, MPH
Niranjan Awasthi, PhD
Paul Haste, MD, and Mark Tann, MD
Paul Musey, Jr., MD
Peng-Sheng Chen, MD
Peter Pang, MD, MS
Polly Hussmann, PhD
Raj Vuppalanchi, MD
Reuben Kapur, PhD
Richard Mangus, MD
Richard Nass, PhD
Rick Nelson, MD, PhD
Scott Canfield, PhD
Shane Mangus, MD
Stephanie Ware, MD, PhD
Steven Templeton, PhD
Theresa A. Guise, MD
Tiebing Liang, PhD,
Tim Corson, PhD
Tom Imperiale, MD
Troy Markel, MD
Uma Sankar, PhD
Utpal Dave, MD
William Truitt, PhD
Xiao-Ming Xu, PhD
Yunlong Liu, PhD

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