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Deadline Aug. 30: Apply to be a Student Curriculum Liaison Committee Representative


Andrea Gonzalez

Hello Indianapolis Class of 2022!

My name is Andrea Gonzalez and I’m responsible for organizing and guiding your Student Curriculum Liaison Committee (SCLC) Representatives for the remainder of the fall semester. I’m writing to recruit students to take a leadership role in their courses by becoming SCLC representatives. To become eligible to for a SCLC role, apply by noon Thursday, August 30, 2018

But what is SCLC?

The Student Curriculum Liaison Committee (SCLC) strives to promote open communication between course directors and students in order to create proactive change for curriculum improvement. The students will meet with the course directors on a monthly basis to review information gathered from students commenting on subjects such as lecturers, course content and exams. The goal of the SCLC is not to only improve aspects of the course that have received criticism but to also promote aspects of the course that have received praise.

There will be two representatives chosen to represent the Indianapolis campus for all of our Phase 1 Year 1 courses (Foundations of Clinical Practice, Molecules to Cells and Tissues and Human Structure)

SCLC responsibilities include:

  • Make some form of communication (for example: GoogleDoc, Facebook, etc.) so that students can express their questions, concerns or praises.
  • Meet with course directors/professors in person before each exam block (or monthly, whichever is more frequent) and express those concerns/comments/suggestions.
  • Keep open communication with professors/course directors, so that all appropriate communication and answers to student questions get disseminated to the students.
  • Send a monthly report of how your meeting with the course directors went via the class email and before each exam.

SCLC is a great opportunity to help make your courses better and smoother for you and your classmates, make connections with the course directors, and it’s a great leadership opportunity to be that voice for your class amongst professors! It’s a simple, yet rewarding position!

If you are interested in making a difference, please follow the link and fill out the short application below!! All applications are due by NOON on Thursday August 30th, 2018.

Apply by noon Thursday, August 30, 2018

Good luck and please email me ( if you have any questions or issues submitting your application!

Here’s an example of a report from a previous class’ SCLC:

“Hello fellow Immunology students,

We met with Dr. Klemsz this morning and here are some comments on the upcoming test and answers to questions/concerns that were shared with us:

  1. The TBLs are difficult to give individual feedback on because of the size of our class. Dr. Klemsz has posted the answers to the TBL sheets on Canvas and said that he could provide us with the number of the question(s) that were missed. You could then use your own notes to compare to the answer key and evaluate where/how you missed points.
  2. The test is next Friday and will consist of 40 questions, 35 multiple choice and 5 true/false questions. There will be 5-6 questions from each of the 5 lectures and the 2 TBLs. About a third of the questions will be simple and straightforward, another third will require you to synthesize the data and go a couple of layers deep, and the last third will require you to be able to go even deeper and will have multiple levels (3-5). Dr. Klemsz also said to be sure to read the entire question before answering as this has tripped people up in the past.
  3. Klemsz will get the results back to us as quickly as possible and they will be on Canvas, he will not release the test on ExamSoft. This is statistically the easiest test of the semester with an average of 86-87% over the last three years. Dr. Klemsz tries to write tests to have an 85% average and a range of 70-100%.
  4. In terms of studying Dr. Klemsz suggests focusing on what you know and fill in the details on the information that you don’t know. He suggests using the Parham or Janeway textbook to supplement your learning. If you are having difficulty finding a textbook Dr. Klemsz has some available for us to borrow in his office. Dr. Klemsz suggested that if you want access to practice questions they can be found in BRS books and in most textbooks.
  5. Klemsz also said that anything he said in class is testable material. Be sure to understand what was said and discussed in class in addition to what is found in the PowerPoint slides. Also if you find information in a textbook that contradicts what Dr. Klemsz taught us, go with what he taught us as that is what we will be tested on.
  6. With regards to awarding points for being in class earlier this week, Dr. Klemsz has asked us to attend class and participate and he feels that discussion in class is one of the best way to learn. He therefore felt it appropriate to reward people for being in class and participating in the learning process.

If you have any other questions/concerns please let us know.

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