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November Research Awards

November Research Awards

Principal Investigators Sponsor Type Project Title Begin Date End Date Awarded Dollars
Zachary W Adams Indiana Family And Social Services Administration Renewal (not prev committed) Indiana OUD ECHO - Disseminating Best Practices Statewide 9/30/2022 9/29/2023 $440,000
Zachary W Adams Indiana Family And Social Services Administration New Indiana OUD ECHO - Non-Medical Service Professional Track Supplement 9/30/2022 9/29/2023 $100,000
Elliot J Androphy National Institute Allergy & Infectious Diseases New Development of a mouse model to test HPV Antiviral compounds 11/7/2022 10/31/2023 $198,125
Tarek Maurice Ashkar Washington University New Kidney single cell and spatial molecular atlas project - KIDSSMAP 9/20/2022 6/30/2023 $414,871
Karl Y Bilimoria American Board Of Emergency Medicine New Discrimination, Abuse, Harassment, and Burnout in Emergency Medicine Residency Training: A Post-COVID Comparison 9/16/2022 9/15/2023 $25,000
Paul G Biondich Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation New Adaptive Technical Assistance to Malawi MOH and Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) 6/29/2022 9/30/2022 $26,666
A. Ioana Cristea Boston Children's Hospital New Microbiome-host interplay in viral respiratory infections: A tracheostomy cohort 9/21/2022 7/31/2023 $21,840
Jason Doles National Institute Of General Medical Sciences New Mechanisms of sepsis-associated muscle stem cell dysfunction 7/1/2022 6/30/2023 $396,250
George J. Eckert University Of Michigan Renewal (not prev committed) Phase III RCT of the Effectiveness of Silver Diamine Fluoride in Arresting Cavitated Caries Lesions 9/1/2022 1/31/2023 $11,464
George J. Eckert University Of Michigan New Personalized Strategies for Periodontal Tissues Regeneration - A Converged Biofabrication Approach 8/1/2022 4/30/2023 $7,575
Melissa L Fishel Purdue University New Reprogramming to PDAC Stroma by Targeting Coagulation in the Tumor Microenvironment 9/1/2022 8/31/2023 $314,377
Benjamin Gaston University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Renewal (not prev committed) Data, Modeling, and Coordination Center for PrecISE Network (Genomics Core) 9/1/2022 6/30/2023 $119,616
Ed Greenfield; Roman M Natoli Orthopaedic Research And Education Foundation New A Novel Antibiotic to Reduce Fracture Related Infection in a Murine Model 7/1/2023 6/30/2024 $19,968
Flora Hammond Icahn School Of Medicine At Mount Sinai New Clinical & biological signatures of post-traumatic neurodegeneration: Leveraging the TBI Model Systems of Care to accelerate in vivo diagnosis of the late effects of TBI (LETBI) 9/1/2022 8/31/2023 $109,443
Woody Hopf Emil And Rita Weissfeld Family Foundation Inc New Biomedical research involving animals (renewal) 9/9/2022 9/8/2023 $30,000
T George Hornby Marquette University New High-Intensity, dynamic-stability gait training in people with multiple sclerosis 9/15/2022 6/30/2023 $253,287
Danielle Janosevic Dialysis Clinic, Inc New Transcriptomic staging of sepsis-associated acute kidney injury 1/1/2023 12/31/2023 $60,000
Reuben Kapur; Raghu G Mirmira; Mervin C. Yoder Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Wells Center summer internship 5/1/2022 4/30/2023 $7,200
David A. Kareken Purdue University New Assessment of neurotoxicity of tetrachloroethylene and public health action to reduce exposure in a community impacted by groundwater contamination and vapor intrusion 8/12/2022 5/31/2023 $50,530
Jean Kok National Institute On Aging New Muscle and Bone Growth in Aging 9/1/2022 8/31/2023 $86,674
Kenneth Lim Dialysis Clinic, Inc Renewal (not prev committed) Effects of long interdialytic intervals on Cardiovascular Functional Capacity (ECON) Study 1/1/2023 12/31/2023 $60,000
Toby Maurer Cornell University New Rapid Sample-to-Answer Diagnosis of Kaposi's Sarcoma Across Sub-Saharan Africa using KS-COMPLETE 6/10/2022 5/31/2023 $12,901
Thomas W McAllister Henry M Jackson Foundation New Characterizing Potential Chronic Brain Health Effects of Concussion and Repetitive Head Impact Exposure: The CARE-SALTOS Integrated (CSI) Study (NFL Augmentation) 5/6/2022 5/5/2027 $4,541,126
Niki Marie Messmore Indiana Department Of Workforce Development Renewal (not prev committed) IUSM AmeriCorps 9/1/2022 8/31/2023 $170,640
Raghu L Motaganahalli Indiana Institute For Medical Research New Leg heat therapy to improve functional performance in peripheral artery disease 5/15/2022 4/30/2023 $46,800
Hiba Mustafa Medical College Of Wisconsin New Gastroschisis Outcomes of Delivery (GOOD) Study 4/1/2022 3/31/2023 $10,500
Mary A. Ott Indiana Department Of Health Renewal (not prev committed) Optimally Changing the Map of Teen Pregnancy in Indiana Program Evaluator 7/1/2022 6/30/2023 $75,000
Kathleen Overholt National Marrow Donor Program New A Phase III Randomized Trial Comparing Unrelated Donor Bone Marrow Transplantation withImmune Suppressive Therapy for Newly Diagnosed Pediatric and Young Adult Patients with SevereAplastic Anemia (TransIT) 11/16/2022 11/15/2027 $121,000
Jeffrey F Peipert Indiana Department Of Health Renewal (not prev committed) Menopause Education 7/1/2022 12/31/2022 $38,500
Misty Dawn Shields International Association For The Study Of Lung Cancer New Investigation in the role of APR-246 in small cell lung cancer 8/1/2022 6/30/2023 $16,406
Brenda J. Smith Oklahoma State University New Prebiotic Activity of Tart Cherry and the Immunoregulation of Bone Homeostasis 9/1/2022 8/31/2023 $86,775
Natasha Louise Tilston-Lunel National Institute Allergy & Infectious Diseases New Understanding the Molecular Determinants of Reassortment in Orthobunyaviruses and Phleboviruses 9/21/2022 8/31/2023 $249,000
Ruben Vidal; Bernardino Ghetti National Institute On Aging New Identification of novel four repeat tauopathies through analysis of network vulnerability, tau structure and propagation 12/1/2022 11/30/2023 $686,297
Sarah Elizabeth Wiehe Indiana Department Of Health Renewal (not prev committed) Indiana Chronic Disease Coalition 10/1/2022 9/30/2023 $300,000
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