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Chief Resident Spotlight 2020


  1. Why did you pick emergency medicine?
  2. What is your favorite restaurant in Indianapolis?
  3. Why did you want to be chief resident?

Mary Blaha, DO

1. I love that in emergency medicine, I get the privilege of taking care of every single person that may walk through the door. I like that I can see anything from well checks to critical care patients all in one day. I love being on a shift where I can see kids and young adults as well as elderly and pregnant individuals. I  have to be prepared for everything and it provides me with the exciting challenges I was hoping for in a career.

2. Livery!

3. I've always been excited and grateful to be part of the IUEM family. This was my top choice program for many reasons and I always pictured myself serving as chief resident. I looked up to the chief residents so much as an interviewing medical student and as an intern. I wanted to be able to represent the program I loved and make a positive impact on future IUEM residents by serving as chief.

Hallie Brown, MD

1. I love the diversity of patients, pathology, and never knowing what is going to walk through the door next. I enjoy working hard and being busy during my shift, love it when the day (or night!) flies by.  Camaraderie amongst my team in the ER make going to work everyday rewarding and enjoyable. I couldn't do it without them!

2. Does Brics Ice Cream Station count as a restaurant? Because if it does, that's definitely it!

3. I wanted to give back and contribute to the top-tier institution that is IU Emergency Medicine. Being a leader, taking on additional responsibilities, and contributing in some way to the mission of the department was important to me, and being a chief has provided ample opportunity for all of that!

Alexander Croft, MD

1. I picked emergency medicine because I absolutely love the undifferentiated patient. I thrive in an environment where one must act on limited information to provide patients with care that treats their ailments, and reassure their concerns. The opportunity to be the caregiver to patients on some of their worst days is a privilege and I cannot imagine doing anything else!

2. My favorite restaurant in Indianapolis is Livery—empanadas, margaritas, and rooftop vibes—nothing beats it.

3. I wanted to be Chief Resident for IU Emergency Medicine because it was a great way for me to give back to the program that has become like family to me. It is a great experience to grow as a leader and advocate, and is a great way to affect change from inside the residency.

Brooke Henderson, MD

1. I love emergency for many reasons- the fast pace, the variety of pathology, and the fact that every shift is different. Most importantly, I love the unique way EM allows you to connect to and advocate for your patients during one of their worst days.

2. So many to choose from, but one of my favorites has to be Biscuits for an unassuming amazing authentic Mexican breakfast

3. I love this program and my co-residents, and was elated to have the chance to serve in this role to advance the residency and advocate for my peers!

Alexis Meriweather, MD

1. I chose EM because of the variety of pathology you get, the procedures, the shift work and the overall pace. I liked a little bit of everything during medical school with the exception of the OR and ICU months were my favorite. This specialty allowed me to get all of my likes in one. It also would allow me to do a sports medicine fellowship.

2. Ocean Prime if you’re looking for a nice dinner, Ugly crab if you are looking for a good seafood boil.

3. I wanted to be chief resident because I wanted to inspire the residents coming behind me as well as make a change in our residency. Our program has never had a Black chief resident and diversity is something I am passionate about.

Edgar Petras, MD

1. I went into EM because I wanted to be a true generalist who could handle any situation, any time, anywhere. Having a scope of practice that encompassed the entire house of medicine was appealing to me.

2. Bluebeard is a standout. Fantastic food with a constantly changing menu that lends itself to sharing, right next door to the best bakery in town, Amelia’s. Start your meal off with the grilled bread and enjoy a local beer!

3. I wanted to become a chief to impact my fellow residents in the ways that prior chiefs had impacted me – particularly within our combined EM/Peds program. Both by example and through mentoring, I want to show our small, unique, and powerful residents that they can accomplish anything! And they continue to inspire me every day.