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The Department of Emergency Medicine presents the 2022 graduation awards. 

2022 Graduation Awards

Emergency Medicine Class of 2022 group photo



Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award

The Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching awards recognize three faculty members. One from each of our academic health center sites. Dr. Kevin Rodgers was passionate about clinical teaching and truly the definition of excellence in this area. Anyone who had the pleasure of working with him was profoundly impacted by his teaching and is a better physician because of him. These awards are given to faculty members who exemplify that excellence within their clinical teaching, they are chosen by the residents as those who have most significantly impacted their learning at the bedside, those who model the types of physicians we hope our residents will be one day.


Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching, Eskenazi - Dr. Daniel Brenner

The winner of this year’s Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching award at Eskenazi is Dr. Daniel Brenner. Dr. Brenner exemplifies what it means to learn at the bedside and sometimes how to draw diagrams at the bedside. He takes the time to tailor the teaching specific to each resident’s needs, and learners can always count on him to provide meaningful in-the-moment feedback at the end of every shift.

Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching, Methodist - Dr. Nicholas Harrison

This year’s Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching award at Methodist is Dr. Nicholas Harrison. Dr. Harrison exudes a passion for teaching and research. He is always a pleasure to talk with and is a mentor and friend to many. He can seemingly always be seen wheeling an ultrasound machine around Methodist and his post-shift feedback is among the best. Residents comment that Dr. Harrison’s teaching frequently makes a difference in changing their practice. 

21322-Whitehead, Anne

Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching, Riley - Dr. Anne Whitehead

The winner of the Kevin G. Rodgers Excellence in Clinical Teaching award at Riley is Dr. Anne Whitehead. Dr. Whitehead works clinically at both Methodist Hospital and Riley Hospital. When working with her, residents are sure to have great discussions and the support to care for patients in the best way. Dr. Whitehead's excellent teaching and confidence are skills many aspire to match.

Chisholm-Rodgers Legacy Fund Clinical Teaching Award

The Chisholm Rodgers Legacy Fund was established in 2018 to honor the tremendous impact Dr. Carey Chisholm and Dr. Kevin Rodgers had on the emergency residency program. The award recognizes emergency medicine faculty who spend the majority of their work time involved in clinical teaching of our residents and students and demonstrates excellence in clinical education. This year, two faculty members were chosen for their positive impact over the years. 


Geoff Billows

Dr. Geoffrey Billows

Dr. Geoffrey Billows is the first recipient of the 2022 Chisholm Rodgers Legacy teaching award. Dr. Billows inspires confidence in residents and has tremendous knowledge to share. Dr. Billows is a renowned mentor and his motorsports elective is one of the residency’s most popular and has attracted visiting residents from across the country.

James Jones

Dr. Jamie Jones

This year’s second Chisholm Rodgers Legacy teaching award winner is Dr. Jamie Jones. Dr. Jones has been a stalwart of the Eskenazi emergency department for as long as emergency medicine has existed there. He has served in many leadership roles but recently has focused on his role as a clinician educator. His wisdom is unrivaled and he is a phenomenal role model.

Resident Teacher of the Year Award

 Nicole Carpp      Sarah Persuad
Dr. Nicole Carpp Dr. Sarah Persaud


The Indiana University emergency medicine residency program prides itself on great clinical educators and that starts with the residents. Every year IU medical students praise the enthusiasm and teaching ability of the residents. The Resident Teacher of the Year award is given to a resident who receives outstanding teaching evaluations from the senior medical student class. This year was especially challenging to pick recipients as six residents had near perfect student evaluations. After much debate, two winners were chosen: Dr. Nicole Carpp and Dr. Sarah Persaud.

Students applauded Dr. Carpp for giving them significant autonomy. They noted that she set clear expectations and provided excellent feedback.

Students praised Dr. Persaud for her inclusivity in making them feel like part of the team. They noted that she was patient and approachable and provided salient learning points.


Andreia Alexander

Impact Award - Dr. Andreia Alexander

Dr. Andreia Alexander has made a hugely positive impact on the residency program over the last year. She has led the residency program to push the envelope in diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. She revised the application screening process with a focus on inclusion, added curricular elements to enhance awareness of the challenges that minoritized individuals face in society, and revised residency policies that disproportionally affected groups of residents. Dr. Alexander also organizes group mentoring events for underrepresented members of our community. Dr. Andreia Alexander's impact on the residency program has been tremendous and she is deserving of the impact award.

Impact Award - Dr. Michael DePasquale 

Ingenuity is defined as the skill or cleverness to devise or combine. Some of the greatest contributions to the field of medicine have come from individuals who are able to espouse their personal talents to overcome a challenge that negatively impacts many. Dr. Michael DePasquale is the recipient of the impact award for going above and beyond to positively impact his co-residents through website and schedule design.

The impact of Dr. DePasquale's design has been felt far and wide. He has created a residency-wide scheduling tool that depicts both faculty and residents schedule in a combined and easy to read way. He will continue to use his talents to impact many both in his new role as chief resident as well as for years to come. 

Kyra Reed

Impact Award - Dr. Kyra Reed

Dr. Kyra Reed has tremendously impacted the residency program over the past year. Most notably she has spearheaded efforts to enhance the educational environment by improving relations with nursing colleagues. She has implemented numerous feedback mechanisms, including a process of real-time debriefing when issues arise. Dr. Reed is also the driving force behind wellness efforts including peer support groups. Dr. Kyra Reed’s impact on the residency program has been remarkable and she is extremely deserving of the impact award.

Impact Award - Peer Support Leaders 

    Jennifer Divine             Gerbofsky              Derrick Oaxaca

         Dr. Jennifer Divine   Dr. Gavyn Gerbofsky Dr. Derrick Oaxaca


Ulintz        Alexandra Serpe        Rebecca Yuan

           Dr. Alexander Ulintz Dr. Alexandra Serpe Dr. Rebecca Yuan


What physicians see every day in the ED is not normal for most people, but what is normal is the human reaction to those moments. In residency, finding the space and time to lean in to those moments can be challenging and yet so crucial to healing and coping with the nature of emergency medicine. In the inaugural year of implementing peer support groups, six impressive leaders made it an overwhelming success: Dr. Jennifer Divine, Dr. Gavyn Gerbofsky, Dr. Derrick Oaxaca, Dr. Alexandra Serpe, Dr. Alex Ulintz and Dr. Rebecca Yuan. They each displayed immense leadership by modeling vulnerability, compassion, empathy, validation, and reframing, all in uncharted territory for the residency. Over half of the residents at IUEM have been through peer support and because of these residents, double the amount of people want to be peer support leaders.


Impact Award - Advocacy Project: Dr. Kate Anderson, Dr. Seema Patel, Dr. Alexander Ulintz

Katherine Anderson     Seema PatelAlex Ulintz

       Dr. Kate Anderson Dr. Seema Patel Dr. Alexander Ulintz


Being an emergency physician goes far beyond treating the illness in front of them. In order to have a true impact in the lives of patients they must consider the whole person.

Last year Dr. Peter Pang, chair of the department, graciously announced the Resident Leadership and Advocacy Program to promote diversity & equity and eliminate disparities in outcomes. Led by Dr. Seema Patel, Dr. Alexander Ulintz, and Dr. Kate Anderson, these residents have put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to directly impact the lives of patients in real time by providing a tangible solution to a most basic need: access to food. In just a year, they have already impacted the community tremendously.


Impact Award - QueerEM Founders: Dr. Bryce de Venecia, Dr. Brooke Henderson, Dr. Kylie Klemann

   Bryce De Venccia        Brooke Henderson        Kylie Klemann

      Dr. Bryce de Venecia      Dr. Brooke Henderson          Dr. Kylie Klemann


The residency that slays together, stays together. 

IUEM has long been a place of strong values including integrity, community, and authenticity. A group of intrepid residents sought to bring LGBTQ+ issues and education to the forefront of the program and build community and belonging for queer identifying and gender diverse learners through the creation of QueerEM. The founding of QueerEM is a milestone for this department. Through organized social events, a book club, the wildly successful LGBTQ BBQ, and participation in IndyPride, the QueerEM group has emerged as a DEIJ leader across the school of medicine.

This work will far outlast the tenure of the residents who created the group. This year we honor the founding members of QueerEM: Dr. Bryce de Venecia, Dr. Brooke Henderson, and Dr. Kylie Klemann! 

Impact Award - Residency Coordinators

The residency coordinators are the driving force that run the residency day to day. We are incredibly grateful to have April Cronin and Dee McCartney on the team. They have integrated themselves into the program and have become invaluable team members. April has established herself as the technology guru and Dee is the master of processes, ensuring everything is getting done in a timely manner.

Outstanding Off Service Teaching Faculty of the Year Award - Dr. Hari Puttagunta

This year’s award for Outstanding Off Service Teaching Faculty goes to Dr. Hari Puttagunta. Dr. Puttagunta is a nocturnal intensivist. He is well loved by all emergency medicine residents and does a great job fostering a supportive educational environment while allowing the residency program to develop clinical acumen and troubleshoot situations. His passion for education, patience and desire to help mold great physicians are just some of the reasons he was chosen for the Outstanding Off Service Teaching Faculty of the Year award.


Emergency Department Service Award - Kenny Clay

This year’s Emergency Department Service Award goes to an individual that embodies the definition of team player, Kenny Clay. Kenny, an environmental services team leader, goes above and beyond daily and is loved and appreciated by everyone on our team, from techs, environmental services staff, nurses, residents, physicians. Kenny is thoughtful and thorough and the emergency department is thankful for all he does! 


Resident Consultant of the Year Award - Dr. Nic Becher, General Surgery

Physicians in the emergency department interact daily with other specialties and consultants and greatly appreciate the help that co-residents of other specialties provide in the department. The Resident Consult of the Year award is given to a resident from a different department and chosen by residents. 

This year’s recipient is Dr. Nic Becher from general surgery. A good consultant listens, is knowledgeable, and is quick to be willing to come to see a patient in the emergency department. When Dr. Becher is on the line, the patient will get quality care, be advocated for, and experience great empathy at the bedside.


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