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To the best team: thank you

Kacena Lab Thanks

Written by Melissa Kacena

With a successful launch on July 25, I want to take a moment to recap our hard work and to thank all of my team members. As with most things in life, this spaceflight study is truly a team effort.

Our journey began in August 2012, and it won’t be finished until our data are analyzed and our manuscripts accepted for publication. The reality is it may take a couple more years after we receive our specimens, meaning this project could take a full decade to complete.

Many people may not appreciate how long scientific research can take from initial idea conception, to obtaining funding, to completion of study, to reporting outcomes. Thus, we must celebrate the milestones and the success of the journey, not just the final outcome. Right now we are celebrating the successful launch, which is the start of our experiment.

As mentioned before, there have been several personnel changes within our IU, Army and NASA teams over the past seven years, and we thank all past and present team members.

Without the help of each individual, we would not have arrived at this point in our study. I would like to thank everyone on our wonderful research team: nine from IU, two from the Army, three from DOD Space Test Program and all of the NASA members for their assistance while at Kennedy Space Center.

I also thank the members of the IU team that stayed in Indianapolis to keep our other research efforts in top shape.

It has certainly been a busy but rewarding month. Here’s to a great team, and to what I hope will be some great long-term outcomes!

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Caitlin VanOverberghe

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