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Sunday’s launch cancelled — and rescheduled

Earth Observation Taken By Expedition 49 Crew

Earth observation taken during a night pass by the Expedition 49 crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Docked Soyuz and Progress spacecraft visible. (Provided by

Written by Sue Samson

UPDATE (as of 4:30 pm Friday, July 19):  The launch has been officially pushed to July 24 or 25. We’re all hopeful that this seventh inning stretch won’t last too long.


Stand by everyone.

We received word on Thursday evening that SpaceX has been working on a rocket issue for several days and confirmed that there will not be a launch attempt on Sunday, July 21.

So, for now, the current plan is to launch on Monday, July 22, with backup launches slated for July 24 and 25.  No other information is available at this time, and we will pass along updates as soon as they are received.

While this is disappointing news for everyone involved, we understand this is part of spaceflight and that it’s crucial for the engineers and flight control teams to resolve issues ahead of time so that launch day will be the grand event we are waiting for.

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