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Meet the Team: Zach Gunderson

Zach Gunderson

Zach Gunderson

Written by Zach Gunderson


Hello everyone,

My name is Zach Gunderson.  I am a first-year medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine. I completed my undergraduate studies in biochemistry and mathematics at Indiana University Bloomington.  It was in Bloomington while I worked as an EMT that I found my passion for serving patients and the community.

I’ve learned a lot during my first year in medical school, and osteology and anatomy have been the most interesting for me. With my experiences in dealing with my own broken bones and my love of carpentry, orthopaedics seems like a natural fit.

I joined Dr. Kacena’s lab the summer after my senior year of college because I wanted to work with the people who were driving advances in the field. This isn’t my first time participating in research, but I have never been more excited about it.

From cell culture to animal surgery to bibliometric analyses, I have participated in the broad spectrum of research activities and interests that this lab provides. Dr. Kacena and the faculty we work with have also become personal mentors, helping guide my individual and professional growth as well as plan for the clinic.

My goal is to continue working in the lab until I reach residency. I truly cannot recommend the lab and research itself enough. For anyone interested in research, go find a field you enjoy, a skill you want to learn, or a type of patient you want to help and get involved.

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