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Meet the Team: Seungyup “Sunny” Sun

Seungyup “sunny” Sun

Seungyup “Sunny” Sun

Written by Seungyup “Sunny” Sun

My name is Seungyup “Sunny” Sun, and I am a first-year medical student at Indiana University School of Medicine.

I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Notre Dame, where I majored in science-business. Originally, I planned on obtaining an MD/MBA so that I could pursue a career in hospital administration that would align both my administrative and medical interests. However, after working closely with various surgical teams in my local hospital’s surgery department, I became more interested in being a clinician and surgeon. Since then, and thanks to a great mentor, I have become interested in orthopaedic surgery.

I joined the Kacena lab as soon as I started medical school in the fall of 2018. I previously had a research background in breast cancer cell signaling pathways, so I decided to join a lab that similarly studied the mechanisms driving bone healing.

As a member of the lab, I assist in the surgical treatment and postoperative care of our animal models, as well as data collection. This summer, I will be able to continue my research thanks to funding from the IU Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship.

When I am not studying or in the lab, I enjoy cooking (especially Korean food), lifting weights, traveling, and spending time with my family, friends and girlfriend.

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