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Meet the team: Rohit Nagaraj

Rohit Nagaraj

Written by Rohit Nagaraj

My name is Rohit Nagaraj, and I am currently a sophomore at Penn State University.

I am in an accelerated pre-med program and will be graduating in May with a bachelor of science degree. Before I start at Sydney Kimmel Medical College at Jefferson University in Philadelphia, I will be taking a gap year to participate in orthopedic research in Dr. Kacena’s laboratory.

My ultimate goal is to become an orthopedic surgeon, but I first want to delve further into research field to gain a more detailed understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. The opportunities that this lab will provide are numerous and will lead me one step closer to fulfilling my goals.

I began training in the Kacena laboratory early this summer and then will work as a volunteer during my gap year after completing the MCAT.

The work that Dr. Kacena’s lab is conducting is truly interesting to me and I cannot wait to see what I learn and accomplish while being a part of it.

Though I have some prior research and work experience, being involved in the type of research that directly relates to my future goals is a first. Learning what goes on in designing the studies, what protocols must be followed and how teams work to produce and publish papers that aid other scientists are some of my biggest motivators.

I look forward to getting this hands-on experience and seeing firsthand how trials are conducted!

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