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Meet the Team: Murad Nazzal

Murad Nazzal

Murad Nazzal

Written by Murad Nazzal

My name is Murad, and I am entering my freshman year at IUPUI, where I plan to major in neuroscience. I am extremely excited about this new chapter in my life and optimistic about what lies ahead.

In high school, I always loved my science classes, especially anatomy, physiology, and chemistry. Even before high school, I was interested in the medical field, specifically orthopaedics. While I obviously have a long journey ahead of me, I would love to attend IU School of Medicine in Indianapolis.

I joined the Kacena Lab in June of this year (2019) and have already benefited from this experience. I have learned many things about bone healing and the basics of genetics that I would not have learned otherwise. Moreover, being in the lab gives me a head start on my college biology and anatomy classes. An additional benefit is that Dr. Kacena’s research is very collaborative and places an emphasis on teamwork and communication. These skills will be helpful throughout my life, not just in school. I hope to continue working in this lab throughout my undergraduate years and beyond.

Outside of school, I am dedicated to hitting the 1,000-pound club in the big three compound exercises before I reach 20 years old. I also enjoy boxing and football, and would like to finish a marathon under three 3.5 hours. Most of all, though, I love food. I really love food. If you get nothing else out of this intro, just know that I LOVE food.

I really hope to make the most out of the upcoming years and continue to grow, learn and enjoy my time here. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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