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From My Eyes: Lily Blosser

Lilly Bloser 2

Lily Blosser

Written by Lily Blosser

My name is Lily Blosser, and I am 11 years old. My experience at Kennedy Space Center was truly amazing. I love being able to say, “I got to see the project that my mom worked on get launched into space!” There were tons of highlights to the trip, but I managed to skim it down to a few topics.

Even though most of my topics might seem silly, my feelings of gratefulness are genuine. First, I would like to talk about how exhilarating it was to see a rocket launched up as close as 3.5 miles away from the launch site. I thought waiting for it to launch was exciting too. Even though it was scrubbed the first day, I still did some fun things like trying a virtual reality simulation of the International Space Station and hearing the mission briefing.  We even wore a special badge and were given a SpaceX water bottle, T-shirt and other cool stuff.

My second topic is that I made an awesome friend who likes the same things as me, and we bonded over stupid jokes while waiting for the launch! I really appreciate the friendships I was able to build because of the trip itself. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the rest of the IU team too! I thank everyone who helped make this awesome trip possible!

I really enjoyed the experience at Kennedy Space Center and how educational, but also fun, it was. Kennedy Space Center has amazingly beautiful and polished buildings, and everyone there was positively pleasant! I learned about space and NASA, and got to do lots of hands-on activities.

I loved the trip more than you could even imagine, especially when there were so many Poke Stops! The IU students were all fun to meet, and the bioluminescent kayak tour we went on put the trip over the top.

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