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Changing Faces



Back Row (L to R): Yinghua Cheng, MD, PhD; Liming Zhao, MD; Alarbi Elhasim, MS; Faisal Khan, undergraduate.
Front Row (L to R): Marta Alvarez, DDS, PhD; Nizeet Aguilar, PhD; Irushi Abeysekera, MS; Melissa Kacena, PhD;
      Paul Childress, PhD; Mashuq Bhuiya, undergraduate, Jennifer Lamb, medical student, Shatoria Lunsford, support staff


You have been introduced to several new team members during the blog, but unfortunately we have also had to say goodbye to several team members as well. As you can imagine, being at a university, we have a number of students join the laboratory and then complete their training and move onto the next phases of their career. We wish all of our alumni the best of luck on their journey.

But don’t fear, as a research and teaching institution we are well poised to train the next generation of students and trainees so that we will have well qualified, highly skilled people helping complete our spaceflight studies. We continuously practice techniques and we have quality scores and each person is cross-trained in several positions. No matter when the launch occurs, we will have a great team of competent surgeons and animal handlers available to complete these important spaceflight studies!


Written by Melissa Kacena  

The views expressed in this content represent the perspective and opinions of the author and may or may not represent the position of Indiana University School of Medicine.

Shatoria Lunsford

Research Support Assistant