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Candid Pictures while Packing

As we are preparing to leave this upcoming week for the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, we took a few group photos. Enjoy and have a nice weekend! 


Back Row[L to R]: Paul Childress,PhD, Alarbi Elhashmi, Aamir Tucker, Liming Zhao,MD, Jeff Rytlewski, Marta Alvarez,DDS,PhD

 Front Row[L to R]: Irushi Abeysekera, Mashuq Bhuiya, Faisal Khan, Nizeet Aguilar,PhD, Melissa Kacena,PhD, Shatoria Lunsford


From F to B by Row[L to R]: Liming Zhao,MD,

Aamir Tucker, Alarbi Elhasmi

Mashuq Bhuiya, Faisal Khan

Marta Alvarez,DDS,PhD, Jeff Rytlewski, Shatoria Lunsford


From L to R: Paul Chldress,PhD, Faisal Khan, Alarbi Elhashmi, Mashuq Bhuiya


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Shatoria Lunsford

Research Support Assistant