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Ryan Bowman

Director of Alumni Relations

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Fighting triple negative breast cancer with “I” and “U”

Meridian, Jeff, and Autumn Sobel signing the agreement establishing the Becky Sobel Breast Cancer Research Fund on what would have been Becky’s 50th Birthday. Beginning a lifelong friendship, Tony Chu and Jeff Sobel first met outside their freshman dorm at Syracuse University in the Fall of 1987. Moving to different regions across the country and […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Oct 07, 2019

Alumnus and wife open home to fourth-year medical students

If David Cusick, MD, were so inclined, he could write an enticing listing to post on Airbnb. Cozy bedroom available in a mid-rise condo in the heart of Chicago’s West Loop. Travelers are only a few steps from the Windy City’s Restaurant Row and a short train ride from Millennium Park, the Museum of Contemporary […]

Ryan Bowman  |  May 22, 2019

Sell a House, Build a Legacy

Donating real estate can unlock the ability to make a transformational gift to IU School of Medicine. By Tim Ueber Over the years, people have asked me if the Indiana University School of Medicine will accept a gift of real estate. The answer is a resounding yes. Donating real estate can be a great way […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Mar 05, 2019

An Earnest Tale of Friendship

Daffodils, fried chicken and an interest in neurology laid the foundation for philanthropy. By LIZ ELKAS I could not have known, two decades ago, that a bunch of golden daffodils snipped from my garden one morning in March would blossom into a lifelong friendship, but I am so grateful it did. My intended recipient had […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Mar 05, 2019

The doctors will see you

First-year medical students tell us their hopes and dreams — and what inspired the choice to become a healer. By MATTHEW HARRIS and BOBBY KING During a break in surgery, Kate Bigelow stepped out to the hall to call her mother. “Did you pass out?” Kris Bigelow asked her daughter. “Do I need to come […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Mar 05, 2019

The Faces of Regeneration

Can skin cells and a nanochip grow new flesh, nerve cells and organs? At IU School of Medicine, Chandan Sen and his team explore the frontiers of regenerative medicine. By BOBBY KING Chandan Sen, PhD, who came to IU in August after 18 years at The Ohio State University, is best known for conceiving a technology with the potential […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Mar 05, 2019

Will I be next?

For many families, what should be some of the best years of their LIVES WILL BE STOLEN BY A DEGENERATIVE BRAIN CONDITION. DR. LIANA APOSTOLOVA and researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine are leading a NATIONAL STUDY TO UNDERSTAND EARLY-ONSET ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE. BY BOBBY KING I AM CURLED up on my side, knees to my chest, hospital gown gaping […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Mar 05, 2019


ONCE UPON A TIME, ULTRASOUND MACHINES WERE AS BIG AS WASHERS. TODAY, THESE SLEEK DEVICES FIT IN YOUR POCKET — AND WILL BECOME STANDARD ISSUE FOR STUDENTS. BY BOBBY KING THE TYPICAL progression for gadgetry—from personal computers to music players to mobile phones—is to start out large, clunky and expensive, and evolve into something small, […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Mar 05, 2019

Muncie’s Medicine Mansion

Students doing rotations at Ball Memorial Hospital can stay at a plush pad with critical amenities. BY MATTHEW HARRIS Nestled between a nature preserve and landscaped gardens along a scenic bend in the White River, sits a stately manor house in Muncie that may be the finest medical student housing anywhere in the United States. […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Mar 05, 2019

The Psychology of Surgery

The Surgical Skills Center teaches surgeons the nuts and bolts of their craft. But it also goes further—equipping them the tools to cope with stress. BY MATTHEW HARRIS Let’s be clear, there is no plush couch sitting in the corner of Nicholas Anton’s office. No serene paintings. No inspirational quotes. No framed degrees adorn his […]

Ryan Bowman  |  Mar 05, 2019