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Nicholas Heitkamp

Medical Student IUSM Class of 2021 West Lafayette campus. Interests: medical Spanish, pediatrics, oncology, radiology.

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Lafayette Interprofessional Event ‘Outreaches’ the Classroom

Interprofessional events are diverse in both shape, color, and weight. For students, these colors can present with an unappetizing hue. The shape is frequently pre-formed, forced into a mold without room for a natural curve. The weight of a curriculum pins the participant tightly between their seat and the exit. Rather than filling a passive […]

Nicholas Heitkamp  |  Oct 30, 2018

West Lafayette 'sticking it' to the opioid epidemic

Tippecanoe County, like many counties in the state of Indiana, suffers tremendously from opioid overdoses. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security recently released an interactive heat map documenting overdoses. The map below shows the areas within the county that have reported the administration naloxone, the overdose reversing agent, since the year 2014. The students at […]

Nicholas Heitkamp  |  Sep 05, 2018