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West Lafayette 'sticking it' to the opioid epidemic

IUSM WL students practice administering naloxone

Tippecanoe County, like many counties in the state of Indiana, suffers tremendously from opioid overdoses. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security recently released an interactive heat map documenting overdoses. The map below shows the areas within the county that have reported the administration naloxone, the overdose reversing agent, since the year 2014.

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The students at IUSM WL partnered with Donna Zoss of the Drug-Free Coalition of Tippecanoe County in August. The training covered both usage as well as administration of the drug. Upon completion of the session, students demonstrated their ability to accurately withdraw a dose from the vial and administer it using an orange for safe practice. Each student received 2 doses of naloxone to take with them.

More information about this training program or other programs happening in Greater Lafayette, visit Drug-Free Coalition of Tippecanoe County.

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Nicholas Heitkamp

Medical Student IUSM Class of 2021 West Lafayette campus. Interests: medical Spanish, pediatrics, oncology, radiology.