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Katie Randall

Graduate Research Assistant, IUSM Center for Bioethics

Katie is currently pursuing her masters degree in bioethics at IUPUI. Her research interests include clinical ethics, death and dying, women's health, and human rights.

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Isolated and Closer than Ever: A Lesson from Quarantine

Had you asked me five months ago to guess what will soon bring the world together, I may have naively told you that perhaps The Beatles (or who remain of them) are going to set off on a Summer 2020 global reunion tour.

Katie Randall  |  Apr 08, 2020

Facing Hard Truths about the Holocaust, Medical Science, and Bioethics

From Peter H. Schwartz, MD, PhD, Director of the IU Center for Bioethics:   This weekend and early next week, Dr. Sabine Hildebrandt will lead a series of events as the inaugural lecturer for the Dr. William S. Silvers Holocaust, Genocide, and Contemporary Bioethics Lectureship.   At the various events, Dr. Hildebrandt will describe how […]

Katie Randall  |  Jan 23, 2020

Is Your Smart Watch Watching You?

The short answer is yes. Recently, The IU Center for Bioethics hosted a talk, given by Dr. Andrew Brightman, discussing the ethics of research involving wearable technologies. Dr. Brightman is a professor of Engineering Practice and Associate Head of the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University. He spoke about the ethical quandaries often […]

Katie Randall  |  Nov 18, 2019

Navigating your Alzheimer’s Risk: In Preparation or Peril?

Six months after I received the results of my online genetics test, I opened an email informing me that the company to whom I had previously sent my DNA recently tested to determine my risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. I reread the email—questioning myself.  What are the benefits to knowing you are at a higher risk […]

Katie Randall  |  Oct 28, 2019