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Heather Anderson

Graduate Assistant, IUSM Center for Bioethics

Heather is currently pursuing a graduate degree of bioethics at IUPUI. She is also a GA in the IUSM Center for Bioethics and the Brand Fellowship for Bioethics recipients for 2019-20.

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Using Virtue Ethics to Guide Actions During a Pandemic

Recognizing and remedying politicization of public health interventions on social media and beyond.

Heather Anderson  |  Jun 29, 2020

Ethics of CDC’s Cloth Face Covering Recommendations

What are the ethical and practical concerns of the CDC's recommendations to wear a cloth face covering in public settings?

Heather Anderson  |  Apr 16, 2020

The Ethics of Coronavirus

How the world is reacting to the global coronavirus emergency raises serious ethical questions about the responsibilities of the public and governments. Heather Anderson, graduate student in the IU Center for Bioethics, details how medical and ethical frameworks can guide the response to this epidemic.

Heather Anderson  |  Mar 06, 2020

Moral Obligation of Immunizations in Pregnancy and Beyond

I would like to begin this post with a few statistics from the CDC: Statistic #1 Pregnant women are twice as likely to be hospitalized if they contract influenza. Statistic #2 69% of reported whooping cough deaths occur in babies less than 2 month old. Statistic #3 Only 1 in 3 pregnant women receive the […]

Heather Anderson  |  Nov 13, 2019

Cultural Competency in Medical Research

  Cultural Competency in Medical Research  In order to understand cultural competency, we should first come to some agreement on a definition. Unfortunately, there is no single, easy to express, definition.  It is of primary importance to realize that the scope of cultural competency is vast and its application not universal. You are not going […]

Heather Anderson  |  Oct 16, 2019