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Gustavo Arrizabalaga

Dr. Arrizabalaga obtained his B.S. in Chemistry and Biology from Haverford College and his Ph.D. in Biology from M.I.T. His doctoral work focused on translational regulation during embryonic development under the mentorship of Dr. Ruth Lehmann. From 1999...

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Researchers discover a common parasite can infect and promote disease in the prostate

Caption: Toxoplasma gondii parasitic cyst (inset picture) identified in region of microglandular hyperplasia of the prostate. A new study led by graduate student Darrelle Colinot at Indiana University School of Medicine and published in the journal The Prostate may have found yet another cause of inflammation in the prostate — the common parasite Toxoplasma gondii. […]

Gustavo Arrizabalaga  |  May 19, 2017