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Resident Ambassador Program

Every year fourth-year medical students travel across the country to interview for residency programs. That was until 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, residency programs across the country are hosting interviews virtually. Unfortunately, there will be no on-campus interviews, dinners with faculty members, and the opportunity to explore a community as one might have just a year ago. Because of this, we need the help of our alumni as our students explore their residency options..

Alumni can play an important role by serving as a Resident Ambassador. 

By providing your contact information and where you completed your medical training, we'll connect you with a fourth-year medical student looking for insight into residency programs and the communities where the programs are located.

If you enjoy that experience, we can again use your help a few months down the road.

Each March, fourth-year medical students learn about the next chapter of their medical training during Match Day. On this day, students find out where they will do their residency training.

In the months following Match Day, many soon-to-be graduates prepare to move to a new city and start the next chapter of their careers. They do so with a degree of uncertainty. 

The Resident Ambassador Program connects medical students leaving Indiana with physician alumni living in communities where they will do their residencies. As an ambassador, alumni connect with a student via e-mail or phone, providing useful insights about places to live and - when life returns to normal - restaurants and cultural activities in your community. An alum's knowledge of local hospitals and the medical community will also prove crucial. 

Become a Resident Ambassador

Register to volunteer as an IU Resident Ambassador. If a student matches in your community, they will receive your contact information and reach out to you.