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Early Career Achievement Award

For almost a decade, the Alumni Association has awarded the Early Career Achievement Award to a graduate who’s made a quick mark in medicine or in service to the IU School of Medicine. A nominee must have graduated within the past 15 years to be eligible, as are those who did their training at IU School of Medicine. Nominate an IU School of Medicine alumni for the Early Career Achievement Award.

2018 Early Career Achievement Award - Faruk H. Örge, RES’04, FEL’05

Early Career Achievement Award - Faruck OrgeThe demand for a sliver of time from Faruk H. Örge, MD, never ends. There’s a full clinical load as a pediatric ophthalmologist fighting to save the sight of children facing glaucoma. There’s overseeing the fellowship program at Cleveland’s University Hospitals, which are linked to Case Western Reserve University. And, finally, there are the scores of ongoing research projects involving glaucoma, new imaging modalities, strabismus and drug delivery.

Yet Örge, who trained at IU School of Medicine from 1998 until 2005, retains a delicate human touch.

“He exudes the perfect mix of intellect and approachability,” said Charline Boente, MD, MS, an assistant professor of pediatric ophthalmology at IU who was trained by Örge in Cleveland. “Despite his numerous projects and committees and leadership positions, he has always made me feel comfortable approaching him with any type of question—big or small.”

While still carrying out his training at IU, Örge left an imprint as a teacher. He helped set up a telemedicine program for continuing medical education that’s done 6,000 consultations in 110 countries.

Once he arrived in Cleveland a decade ago, it was only three years before he was named the director of pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Eye Institute. By 2012, he was honored with the inaugural Althans Endowed Chair and Professorship, the youngest to receive such honor in the CWRU history.

Örge has made considerable contributions to improving the training of colleagues by serving on multiple committees for the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus and as an examiner for the American Board of Ophthalmology. He also served as Editor in Chief for the Knights Templar Eye Foundation Pediatric Ophthalmology Education Center.

Clinically, he specializes in complex cases of strabismus – misalignment of the eyes – and childhood glaucoma. Örge is a pioneer in conducting minimally invasive surgeries involving lasers to help relieve pressure inside the eye and curb the risk of blindness.

Örge has distinguished himself locally, nationally and internationally, as well as within his academic and professional communities, said Louis B. Cantor, MD, Jay C. and Lucile L. Kahn Professor of Glaucoma Research and Education, and Professor of Ophthalmology. “He is an excellent representative of an ambassador for the Indiana University School of Medicine.” 

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