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Radiation Oncology Resident Research

All radiation oncology residents are required to write and execute a mentored prospective clinical or translational protocol under the guidance of a clinical faculty member as well as the residency program directors. Development of the protocol begins in the PGY2 year with patient accrual generally beginning in the PGY3 year. A protocol development week, modeled after the AACR/ASCO Methods in Clinical Cancer Research and undertaken in collaboration with the Clinical Trials Office at the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, takes place during the spring of the PGY2 year to help residents develop a comprehensive draft of their protocol.


Current resident projects:

  • A Prospective Trial Evaluating a 3D Printed Oral Stent Device with Suction for Oral Cancer Radiation Treatment

    Amy Le, MD

  • Combined Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) - Expiration Planning Technique in Patients with Lung Tumors in Close Proximity to the Chest Wall

    Mona Arbab, MD

  • Radiosurgery Dose Reduction for Brain Metastases on Immunotherapy (RADREMI): A Prospective Pilot Study

    Shearwood McClelland III, MD

  • Prospective Validation of a Points Score System Predicting 30-day Survival for Patients with Metastatic Cancer Receiving Palliative Radiation Therapy

    Samantha Freije, MD

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Patient Centered Outcomes in English And Non-English-Speaking Patients Undergoing Radiation Treatment and its Impact on Overcoming Language BarriersĀ 

    May Elbanna, MD

Residents are also encouraged to explore translational research opportunities within our radiobiology labs or in radiation physics.