Campus Student Services

Students at the Muncie campus can access a wide range of support services from IU School of Medicine as well as those available through Ball State University. All centralized student services for IU School of Medicine operate from the Indianapolis campus, including  financial services and student learning environment, mistreatment reporting and conflict resolution support. Localized services are also available, including counseling, campus safety and more.

Emergency Contacts

Public safety emergency:

Facility-related emergencies:

Safewalk escort:
765-760-7433 or 765-285-5005

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Student Support Services in Muncie

  • Academic Advising
    As part of the statewide IU School of Medicine academic advising program, each medical student is assigned a lead advisor, a highly-trained professional who guides students through their entire time in medical school.
  • Disability Accommodations
    The IU School of Medicine is committed to helping students with disabilities succeed academically.
  • Health Care Services
    Medical students at the Muncie campus can access preventative health services and acute care through the Amelia T. Wood Health Center. Students with children can access urgent pediatric care at clinics such as Meridian Prime-Time Pediatrics. Additionally, students can receive urgent medical care at several locations.
  • Mental Health Services
    Students at the Muncie campus who are seeking Mental Health Services—for any reason—have several support options. IU School of Medicine offers counseling services via telephone or in person. Call 317-278-2383 to schedule an appointment.
  • Safety

    For security and safety issues, please contact IU Health Ball Memorial security at 765-747-3360 or call Ball State University Public Safety emergency/ police at 765-285-1111. To report a public safety emergency, call 765-285-1111. BSU currently does not offer a Safewalk service but does offer a Charlie Charter Escort service that give rides between campus locations. For a ride, call 765-760-RIDE (7433) or 765-285-5005.

    Go to Ball Hospital Employee Health Office located on 7 West or call 765-747-3458. Open 7:30-4:00, M-F. When health office is closed, call paging operator at 765-747-3298. Ask for RESIDENT ON CALL.