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Transportation isn't a problem on the Muncie campus since most work spaces are housed under one roof, making it easy for students to get around.

Campus Transportation

Fortunately, on the Muncie campus, most work spaces for IU School of Medicine faculty, staff and students are housed under one roof, making it convenient and inexpensive to get around campus. The IU School of Medicine-Muncie main office, computer lab, student lounges, study carrels, library, classrooms, conference room and faculty and staff offices are on the second floor of the E. F. Ball Medical Education building. The Gross Anatomy cadaver lab is located in the basement of the E. F. Ball Medical Education building. BLS, ACLS and simulation facilities are housed in this same building at the Janet B. Fisher Learning Center. Meridian Health Systems and IUH Ball Hospital are within walking distance from the Muncie campus.

Public Transit

Muncie Indiana Transit Systems (MITS) is the public transportation system serving the City of Muncie with several routes and a flexible schedule. There is no cost for students to ride MITS.


The Muncie campus offers free student parking near the E. F. Ball Medical Education building. A red parking decal is required for all vehicles to park on the Muncie campus. Decals are available after registering your car with the Ball Hospital security office. For those students who may use amenities (such as recreation facilities, restaurants, and other popular locations) on the Ball State campus, a Ball State parking sticker is required, which can be obtained by registering the vehicle with the Ball State University Office of Parking Services .


The Ball State University map can help you find your way around Muncie.