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Facilities on the Muncie campus offer amenities to make it easier for students to complete academic work, manage life tasks and relax.

Medical Student Facilities


Having a positive education environment and places to relax are important parts of academic success. The Muncie campus provides amenities to make it easier for students to study and complete their academic work, manage everyday life tasks—and relax. Medical students at this campus are issued keys to open the outside doors of the Medical Education Center as well as the library, labs, study carrels and student lounges. Medical students in Muncie also have access to Ball State University Fitness Center, Emens Auditorium, cultural events and intramural sports.

Learning Space

The Muncie location is distinctive in being the only IU School of Medicine campus that resides within a clinical environment. The home of IU School of Medicine-Muncie, the Edmund F. Ball Medical Education Center, is embedded within IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital.

This high-caliber clinical environment houses not only first- and second-year medical education facilities but also a large family medicine center and the resident physician training program. Twenty-two thousand square feet of the facility are dedicated to the training of medical students from all four class years.

Students benefit from numerous amenities in the Edmund F. Ball Medical Education Center:

  • The Janice B. Fisher Learning Center: A 10,000 square-ft. simulation facility where hospital staff, physicians, residents, medical students and the community can receive health-related education.
  • Student study and lounge areas that make it easy for first- and second-year students to interact on a daily basis.
  • Faculty offices and research space on the same floor as the lecture areas to maximize faculty/student contact.

Work and Study Space

Different students prefer different types of study environments—some prefer groups; others need more alone time. A range of public study spaces are available on the Muncie campus, including library, classrooms and study rooms on campus.

The computer lab is located in room 202 of the Edmund F. Ball Medical Education Center. All course exams and all NBME subject exams are administered and proctored in the computer lab. When not in use as a testing facility, the computer lab is a popular place to study. A copy machine is provided here at no charge to IU School of Medicine students and faculty. This room is available for medical students and faculty/staff only—24 hours a day. A fax machine in the office is also available for student and faculty use.

Study carrels are provided for each student and are located in the E.F. Ball Medical Education building. The study carrels offer lockable drawers for storage. Students use the on-campus library for a quiet place to study and reflect. Classrooms are also used and study areas when not in use.

In addition, all medical students also have access to the same online resources, such as MedLine and various online textbooks through the Ruth Lilly Medical Library.

Personal Space

Muncie students have secure personal space to store valuable items during various medical school activities. All medical students in Muncie are also assigned lockers for convenient storage of scrubs and books. The lockers are located in the restroom/shower area of the Medical Education Center.

Each student is also assigned a mailbox for campus mail. This mailbox is located in the mailroom just outside of the office in Medical Education Center. Financial aid checks, packages and other high-value deliveries can be kept in the office.

Intracampus mail service is available, and a campus post office offers the services of a regular US Postal Service office. Outgoing mail is picked up once a day in the IU School of Medicine main office in the Medical Education Center, usually before noon. Stamps may be purchased at the Ball State University Student Center Post Office and the Gift Shop in Ball Memorial Hospital. IU School of Medicine-Muncie will mail school-related materials (such as financial aid forms and scholarship applications) to help students avoid personal postage charges.


Most med students in Muncie live in off-campus housing, and many popular options exist, including Village Promenade, Walnut Manor, Woods Edge, and Windermere Place. Medical students can also live in Ball State University Apartments. Ball State offers two different apartment communities that are affiliated with the university but offer independence, a family-like atmosphere, and a safe environment.

Muncie Campus Bookstores

The Ball State University Bookstore is located, near the center of campus. TIS bookstore also has a Ball State location where textbooks, supplies and other merchandise are offered for sale.