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Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy

Examples of fluorescence lifetime microscopy conducted at the Indiana Center for Biological Microscopy.

Simultaneous measurement of PKA activation and cytosolic calcium levels in isolated pancreatic islets using PIE-FLIM.​

Chris Reissaus and Richard Day.​

PMID: 32191861​

Multiphoton fluorescence FLIM analysis of the response to forskolin of the PKA biosensor AKAR4.1 expressed in HEK293 cells. ​

Wen Tao, Ken Dunn and Richard Day​

PMID: 26333599​

Multiphoton fluorescence FLIM analysis of the kidney of a living mouse – changes in endogenous fluorescence lifetimes induced by polysaccharide treatment. ​

Takashi Hato, Pierre Dagher and Richard Day.​

PMID: 28250053​