Microscopy Techniques

confocal microscopy

“Standard” confocal microscopy

For most applications, i.e., simple fluorescence imaging of fixed cells or tissues, most investigators will want to use the Olympus FV1000 or one of the Leica SP8 systems. These are user-friendly systems that support collection of multi-color, three-dimensional fluorescence images.​

Examples “Standard” confocal microscopy
living cell imaging

Microscopy of living cells

While any system can be used to image living cells, the Nikon Live Cell Imaging system supports the highest speed and lowest photodamage. The system is equipped with an epifluorescence path for the highest sensitivity and a spinning disk confocal path for high-speed, 3D imaging.

Examples Microscopy of living cells
multiphoton imaging

Multiphoton microscopy

Multiphoton microscopy is the technique of choice for imaging tissues in living animals. The three multiphoton systems and the fully-equipped surgical suite of the ICBM have been used for intravital microscopy of the kidney, liver, pancreas, bone marrow, lymph nodes, skin, mesentery and lung.     ​

Examples Multiphoton microscopy

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flim imaging

Fluorescence lifetime microscopy (FLIM)

A variety of biological properties can be assayed by measuring effects on the fluorescence lifetime of a biomolecule or probe. Studies utilizing FLIM, or the closely-related technique FCS, can be conducted using the ISS Alba system, or for studies in living animals, using the Leica SP8 DIVE system.

Examples Fluorescence lifetime microscopy (FLIM)
codex imaging

Highly multiplexed CODEX microscopy

Multiplexed fluorescence microscopy of 40 or more probes can be conducted using CODEX fluorescence microscopy.

Examples Highly multiplexed CODEX microscopy
visualization imaging

Volume visualization software

The ICBM has developed software tools for volume visualization and analysis.

Examples Volume visualization software
imaging from ICBM

Digital image analysis software

In addition to equipping workstations with powerful commercial image analysis software such as Metamorph, Imaris, Halo and Akoya MAV, the ICBM has developed a variety of unique software tools over the past 20 years. Examples include software for volume rendering, motion artifact correction, measurement of microvascular flow, 3D segmentation and tissue cytometry.​

Examples Digital image analysis software