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PhD Admissions FAQs

Answers to common questions related to PhD programs at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis are provided on this page.

  • Where can I find the application?
    The IUPUI Graduate Office offers easy steps to begin the application process.
  • Is housing provided to PhD students at IU School of Medicine?
    No. Students are required provide their own housing on or off campus.
  • Is acceptance available for the spring semester of the PhD program?
    No. Acceptance for the PhD program is granted for fall semester entry only.
  • I am an international applicant; where can I locate more financial information?
    The Office of International Affairs offers great resources on financial information for international applicants.
  • Are PhD applicants required to take the GRE subject test?
    The GRE subject test isn’t required for admission; however, if submitted, the results for the GRE subject test are added to an applicant’s file for consideration.
  • Can I send photocopies of my test scores?
    No. Test scores must be sent to IU School of Medicine from the testing service for the scores to be considered official.
  • What is the Institution Code for IU School of Medicine--Indianapolis?
    The institution code is 1325.
  • Where should I send my official transcripts?
    Unofficial copies may be emailed to or attached to the application.

    Official transcripts must arrive in the original, unopened envelope as issued by the originating institution and will not be returned to the applicant.

    IU School of Medicine, Graduate Division
    c/o IBMG Admissions
    635 N. Barnhill Dr., Room 207
    Indianapolis, IN 46202

    For applicants attending an institution within the United States, official transcripts may be sent electronically to from the originating institution.