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The Chief of Cardiology shares the meaning behind the phrase she uses to signify the Cardiovascular Institute's mission. <br /> <br />

Dr. Subha Raman Shares Her Vision for “OneIUCV”

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Subha Raman, MD, came to IU for the opportunity to align our cardiovascular research, clinical and educational missions across the state. Now, she’s signifying that alignment, and broadcasting its impact, with a simple phrase: “OneIUCV,” which represents the idea of a united cardiovascular (CV) enterprise spanning the IU School of Medicine and the IU Health system.

“‘OneIUCV’ means we are one team with diverse expertise and backgrounds, all working together across disciplines to address the clinical, research, and educational needs related to heart and vascular health,” said Raman.

Raman joined us in February as Chief of Cardiology, Vice President for Cardiovascular Services, and Physician Director of the newly-established Cardiovascular Institute, an umbrella entity designed to facilitate collaboration among cardiovascular-related disciplines across the school and health system.

She was immediately inspired to use the phrase, she said.

“As I met people from across the school and the health system who all wanted to contribute in their own ways to the advancement of cardiovascular care, the expression ‘e pluribus unum’ ran through my mind,” said Raman. “In the same spirit, ‘OneIUCV’ is a way to identify us as many, working as one team.”

Since she began her new role just as the COVID-19 pandemic was taking hold, she has had many opportunities to see the power of “OneIUCV” in action.

For example, she said, early in the pandemic, the physicians, researchers and educators involved with the Cardiovascular Institute worked quickly to address safety concerns.

“We needed guidance from people across facilities with different types of expertise in a very timely fashion, as things were changing quickly,” Raman said. “We pulled voices together as ‘OneIUCV’ to come up with guideposts that were used to protect patients and providers.”

COVID-19 has opened up opportunities to improve their practices in ways that might not have been feasible before, she said.

Not only does the phrase “OneIUCV” succinctly encapsulate the Cardiovascular Institute’s mission, it also handily lends itself to a hashtag. It’s being used across the Institute on social media to share achievements in the clinical realm, research successes, and educational opportunities.

“We’ve used it to disseminate information about our Grand Rounds speakers from across the country, to announce good news about grants, and to share impactful clinical stories,” Raman said.

To keep up with the latest, follow #OneIUCV and the Cardiovascular Institute on Twitter.

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Hannah Calkins

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