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Pre-break Update

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are well and are looking forward to your year-end plans.  Here’s what I’ve been doing this week as we head into the holidays and the end of my blogging stint.

  • Finished data collection for a trauma quality improvement project
    • I’ve been working with a Fogarty Fellow general surgery resident to investigate the implementation of World Health Organization Essential Trauma Care Guidelines in Latin America.
    • We’ve been conducting qualitative interviews with surgeons and emergency physicians to look specifically at the use of morbidity and mortality conferences and patient registries at major public hospitals in Lima. We finished the last of these interviews this week.
    • Fun fact: Daniel Alcides Carrión García is buried in a mausoleum at Hospital Dos de Mayo, one of the oldest and largest in Lima.  He’s a Peruvian medical hero for whom Carrion’s disease (Bartenollosis) is named:  Through self-inoculation from a wart characteristic of this disease, he established the causal link between the disease’s acute and chronic manifestations (and died in the process).

      Mausoleum of Daniel Carrión. Image taken from

  • Continued survey data analysis from the stroke rehabilitation workshop
    • We have plenty of data from pre- and post-workshop surveys that we’d given participants in our stroke rehabilitation workshop a few months ago.
    • My University of Washington collaborator and I are well underway with data analysis and will be finishing that up shortly after the New Year. We hope to describe the roles and perceptions of different Peruvian rehabilitation providers and compare them to those in the US.
    • Soon on to writing!
  • Went to a conference led by the Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health) about their priorities for 2016
    • I’ve been interning for the Unidad de Análisis y Generación de Evidencias en Salud Pública (UNAGESP, the Unit of Analysis and Generation of Evidence in Public Health) of the Instituto Naional de Salud (INS, National Institute of Health) in Lima. This group is helping me carry out a cost analysis of stroke, with the goal of ultimately conducting a cost effectiveness analysis of rehabilitation.
    • This week, the Ministerio de Salud held presentations and discussions at the INS campus about their budget and areas of concentration for 2016. What an interesting meeting to be able to attend!
    • Given my focus on stroke, I was most excited for the non-communicable diseases portion of the agenda. Unfortunately, because of timing and presenter conflicts, they weren’t able to get to that part of the program.  Further discussion will occur in early 2016 at a time TBD.

      Ministerio de Salud leaders

Anyway, thank you for reading this semester!  While I won’t be posting anymore, I am still happy to field any questions you may have.

Have a wonderful break!