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Hi readers!

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my regional campus choice for the first two years of study at IUSM.  I also stayed at IUSM-SB for third year and am most definitely glad I did!  This week I’ll share my reasoning behind that decision, as this may be one currently facing MS2s.

Key factors for me were:

  • My involvement in the Navari Student Outreach Clinic (NSOC)

With the tremendous support and fundraising efforts of our wonderful campus administration (see more in the next bullet), some of my classmates and I had helped start and lead the NSOC, which opened at the end of April of my MS2 year.  Since I was heavily involved in the effort and excited about the clinic’s potential, I really wanted to see it through further.  (I’ll talk more about NSOC in a later post!)

  • The incredible administrative support at IUSM-SB

IUSM-SB administration and staff are fantastic.  They personally know all of us, sometimes even before we know who they are, and they’re all very easily accessible in the campus building.  Despite having had to simultaneously face difficult challenges like dean transitions and staff and curriculum changes throughout my time there, their focus has clearly remained on us students.

Whether it’s been lending a listening ear, facilitating schedule adjustments, supporting a Medical Spanish initiative, writing letters of recommendation, attending student organization events, engaging in heroic scholarship campaigns, or providing blog readership (and the list goes on), the administration and staff at IUSM-SB is always there to support the students and advocate for our best interests.  It’s been great to be continually reminded that the school is invested in our education and wellbeing.  (Thank you, IUSM-SB family!)

  • The opportunity to work one-on-one with supportive physicians in the community

Physician guest lecturers we had during MS1 and MS2 years seemed enthusiastic about the program and teaching, so I was eager to have them as preceptors.  I’d also heard good feedback about the preceptors from my IUSM-SB student mentor, who had stayed for her MS3 year as well.

Further, as someone entering third year undecided on specialty, I wanted to maximize my hands-on experience early on during clinicals to give me a better idea.  (For this I felt extremely privileged to be at a regional campus, particularly during surgical rotations.  I think this video [created by one of our many talented and devoted admin, of course] says it best—it’s in the relationships.)

I recognize that this post is inherently biased given my IUSM-SB background and that I have failed to mention the many advantages of being an IUSM student in Indianapolis.  Nonetheless, I’m happy to hear from anyone with questions on this topic and would gladly elaborate!

Until next time,