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Packing for Florida!


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

It is official! (well as official as things can get with the unpredictable nature of spaceflight research)


Our launch date is now set for 11:34a EST, February 14th, Valentine’s Day! As there are no additional launches scheduled before us, we believe that other than weather or some issue discovered during the standard test firing/preliminary testing, that our mice will soon be heading to the International Space Station.


To prepare for this mission, we have divided our group of 18 IU people into 2 groups.  Team 1 travels to Florida February 6th and Team 2 travelson Feb 9th. Team 2 is comprised of all of the students/residents with more limited ability to be away from school/hospital etc. 


While we all look forward to getting away from the cold Indiana winter, we won’t be hanging out in the sun as we will be in a clean room most of the time while in Florida.


We look forward to sharing our trip details with you and will certainly post pictures and videos of the launch.


Written by Melissa 


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Shatoria Lunsford

Research Support Assistant