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KSC Schedule Part 4

Wednesday:  Wednesday was a very long day. Spaceflight specimens were successfully prepared.


Thursday:  One final practice session was completed.


Friday: Plan if launch proceeds for Feb 18th is to load the spaceflight hardware.


Saturday: Hopefully we will be watching a successful launch, although right now I am hearing 50-50 chance due to weather. The launch window is only about 15-20 minutes in length, at about 10a. If weather does cause a delay we will try again Sunday. I hear 30% chance of weather delay for Sunday’s forecast.


On another note, last night our team was eating pizza and looking at the news and we saw that President Trump will be in Orlando on Saturday evening, we are wondering whether with his recent announcements related to the space program if he is coming down to Cape Canaveral for the launch…we will see, if he does come down we hope it won’t impact our ability to watch the launch ourselves!


Written by Melissa


Bonus picture of a friendly putt putt golf game with the guys!



L to R: Aamir Tucker, Alexander Brinker, Alarbi Elhashmi, David Scofield, James Fisher, Jonathan Harrs,MD



THE WINNERS [L to R]: James Fisher, David Scofield


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Shatoria Lunsford

Research Support Assistant