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KSC Schedule Part 3

Monday:  Monday was a very busy day. IU Team 2A arrived (7 of 9 remaining team members) as well as Army Team 2, they badged and trained while IU Team 1 and Army Team 1 continued with lab preparations. We spent 10 hours getting things set up and familiarizing Team 2A with the facilities. Late last night 3 members arrived (IU Team 2B and a member who went away during the weekend only to be stuck in the New England snow storm).


Tuesday:  One final day of training and preparations are planned for today. One final test run with all team members in place will occur. Any final adjustments will be made today. 

We had also originally planned to go back to the SpaceX gift shop, but the FAA closed the area. The gift shop is located near to the old Space Shuttle launch pad, and now that SpaceX is launching from that pad, when the rocket is fueled, as it is now, there is a safety zone you cannot go within, and unfortunately the gift store is within that zone.  I will probably ask all of the Team 2 students to look at the shirts and such that Team 1 purchased and let me know what they would like me to pick up for them. Hopefully the store will be open when I am still here, but it might not be open while they are here if the launch does occur on Feb 18th.


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