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Postdoc buddy program


Postdoc buddy program

The Indiana University School of Medicine Postdoctoral Association (IUSM PDA) organize peer-to-peer mentoring or ‘buddy’ program specifically to help new and incoming postdocs in adjusting to a new city and job by matching them with existing postdocs at IUSM. Whether you are starting your postdoc after graduation or beginning another postdoc, a new job and work environment comes with its own stress. In addition to that, some of us also have to deal with the stress of moving to a different city or country or across continents and adjusting to a different culture.

Some of the common issues are getting around the city, finding a place to live, finding restaurants, specific grocery stores or just being able to chat with someone in their native language. We aim to provide support to our fellow postdocs during this transition period by matching them up with a ‘buddy’. For this we need volunteers who can lend an ear, extend a helping hand and/or offer advice about life in Indianapolis and IUSM to the new post docs.

Please fill in the information on the above form and let us know if you need a postdoc buddy or are willing to volunteer to help new postdocs as they acclimate to the United States, Indianapolis and IUSM.

Expectations from the buddies:

The scope and extent of the ‘buddy’ relationship will be up to the individuals involved but basic responsibilities will include.

  • Establish e-mail contact with new postdocs before or soon after arrival to help answer questions related to places to live, transportation, childcare issues, etc.
  • Meet with new fellows/ post docs shortly after their arrival and assist with orientation to IUSM, PDA, resources for postdocs and help them with networking. You can also contact members of the IUSM PDA for any clarifications or questions.

Click here to sign up to be a Postdoc Buddy!

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Joydeep Ghosh

Postdoctoral Fellow

Joydeep Ghosh is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine.