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Graduate and medical students form science policy and communication group focused on Alzheimer's disease research

Doctoral and medical students at IU School of Medicine and Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine founded IMPACT Indiana, a group centered on health policy and science communication, specifically focusing on Alzheimer’s disease research.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Apr 08, 2024

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Cristian Lasagna-Reeves

Alzheimer's disease researcher awarded Rainwater Charitable Foundation early-career scientist prize

Cristian Lasagna-Reeves, PhD received the prestigious 2024 Rainwater Prize for Innovative Early-Career Scientist. Lasagna-Reeves was presented the award at the Alzheimer’s Association’s Tau2024 Global Conference on

Ben Middelkamp  |  Mar 28, 2024

Medical Neuroscience Graduate Organization educating about ocular health for April 8 solar eclipse

A group of Indiana University School of Medicine trainees in the Medical Neuroscience Graduate Program at Stark Neurosciences Research Institute is teaming up with fellow

Ben Middelkamp  |  Mar 25, 2024

Ed Rogers portrait with IU School of Medicine--West Lafayette campus in background

TBI-on-a-chip: West Lafayette medical student advances mentor's work with 'mini-brains'

Ed Rogers came to IU School of Medicine—West Lafayette with extensive experience in brain injury research as co-developer of an innovative technology, TBI-on-a-chip.

Laura Gates  |  Mar 19, 2024

Thomas McAllister portrait, overlooking a football field

World's largest concussion study marks 10 years

Thomas McAllister, MD, co-leads the CARE Consortium concussion study involving 53,000 collegiate athletes and military cadets.

Laura Gates  |  Mar 19, 2024

Nation's largest early-onset Alzheimer's study drives diversity

LEADS, led by Liana Apostolova, MD, has received $78 million in National Institute of Aging (NIA) funding since it launched in 2018. It's also the

Ben Middelkamp  |  Mar 13, 2024

Wei Wu

Reprogramming cell in adult central nervous system promotes regeneration of motor function axons after spinal cord injury

Led by Wei Wu, PhD, assistant professor of neurological surgery and a primary member of Stark Neurosciences Research Institute, the researchers discovered a connection between the reprogramming of NG2

Ben Middelkamp  |  Mar 06, 2024

Liana Apostolova works with a LEADS study participant.

Top 10 largest NIH grants funding research in 2023

Grants funding Alzheimer's disease, global health and opioid addiction research were among the largest NIH awards to the IU School of Medicine during federal fiscal

Andrea Zeek  |  Feb 20, 2024

Neuroscientists receive NIH grants to investigate brain’s role in addiction, anxiety and obesity

Three Indiana University School of Medicine researchers each received National Institutes of Health grant funding to study under-explored mechanisms and connections in the brain using

Ben Middelkamp  |  Jan 30, 2024

Glaucoma research program growing at IU School of Medicine

Glick Eye Institute researchers Arupratan Das, PhD, Padmanabhan Pattabiraman, PhD, Weiming Mao, PhD and Tasneem Sharma, PhD—also members of the ocular neurobiology research interest group

Ben Middelkamp  |  Jan 22, 2024