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Ben Middelkamp

Ben Middelkamp is a communications coordinator for Indiana University School of Medicine, where he supports Stark Neurosciences Research Institute and the Department of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery. Before joining the Office of Strategic Communications in December 2019, Ben spent nearly six years as a newspaper reporter in two Indiana cities. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Convergent Journalism from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2014, Ben enjoys translating his background in journalism to the communications and marketing needs of the school and its physicians and researchers.

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Department of Otolaryngology adds 3 new Pediatric ENTs

Matthew Partain, MD, Philip Rosen, MD, and Lauren Sowa, MD, joined the department this past fall—all as assistant professors of clinical otolaryngology—head and neck surgery. The pediatric otolaryngology physicians offer clinical care to children and their families at Riley Hospital for Children in downtown Indianapolis as well as at IU Health North in Carmel.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Dec 13, 2021

Meet the 2021 Otolaryngology Fellows

The department’s fellowships are designed to prepare trainees for a career in academic medicine. Outside of clinical duties at multiple IU Health locations across Indianapolis, a strong emphasis is placed on research as well as each fellow’s role as a future educator.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Oct 06, 2021

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Clinic provides care, support for families

Experts in otolaryngology, audiology, speech-language, medical genetics, pediatric psychology, developmental pediatrics, education, and a parent advocate meet once a month with children who are deaf or hard of hearing, addressing the necessary care and support services for each patient and their families.

Ben Middelkamp  |  May 21, 2021

Meet the new Otolaryngology residents

With the COVID-19 pandemic halting in-person interviews, this year’s residency season was unlike any other. However, the four newly matched medical students say the tight-knit and supportive environment of the Department of Otolaryngology at IU School of Medicine stood out. 

Ben Middelkamp  |  May 03, 2021

Otolaryngologists at IU research exposure risk of droplets and aerosols in clinical procedures during COVID-19

Faculty and residents in the Department of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine and scientists at Purdue University have collaborated on an ongoing study measuring the exposure risk of droplets and aerosols in the air during various otolaryngologic procedures amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Apr 07, 2021

Stark Neurosciences adds to its research interests

Stark Neurosciences Research Institute recently formed three new research interest groups: ocular neurobiology, neurodevelopment and neuroimaging (in vivo). The more than 100 members of the institute—which include researchers from multiple departments at IU School of Medicine and IUPUI—can self-identify with one or more of the eight neuroscience-related research groups.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Mar 17, 2021

IU School of Medicine leads the way during Kids ENT Month

Pediatric otolaryngologists in the Department of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine are experts in surgical techniques that allow children to hear, speak, breathe, articulate speech and develop toward their full potential.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Feb 25, 2021

IU experts provide education on, treatment for thyroid disorders

Millions of Americans have a form of thyroid disease and don’t know. The thyroid— a butterfly-shaped gland located in the lower part of the neck—is crucial to how the body operates, producing hormones that regulate metabolism, body temperature and other organ functions.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Jan 22, 2021

Cognitive scientist celebrates half century at IU

David Pisoni, PhD, distinguished professor of psychological and brain sciences and chancellor's professor of cognitive science, is celebrating his 50th year at Indiana University in 2020. Pisoni has spent the past 28 of those years at the DeVault Otologic Research Laboratory, part of the Department of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Ben Middelkamp  |  Dec 17, 2020