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History of Health IT Talk: How it all began to modern innovations

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Presenter:  Brent Orndorff, MS
Sponsors:  Ruth Lilly Medical Library, AIMSIG
Join us online at: on Monday, October 18 at noon EST!

About the speaker: 

Brent Orndorff, M.S. has been a senior lecturer at the Indiana University School of Medicine since 2015. Previous to his position as teaching faculty he was employed at IUSM-TH as a Health Information Technology Specialist and co-instructed several courses at the School of Medicine. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the University of Southern Indiana in 2011 and completed a Master’s Degree in Health Informatics at Indiana University (IUPUI) in 2015. In addition, he holds a graduate certificate in Health Information Management (IUPUI) and an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Studies from St. Leo University. Prior to completing his degree programs, Brent worked in the private sector for an HVAC business owned by his family and also freelanced in website and mobile app design. In his spare time, Brent enjoys spending time with his wife and four children and playing the guitar.

Together with Dr. Taihung “Peter” Duong, PhD, Mr. Orndorff helped to develop a new online elective course at IUSM; “Introduction to Health Information Technology,” which is available to 3rd year and 4th year medical students enrolled at any IUSM campus around the state of Indiana. The course has successfully filled a gap in the required medical education curriculum by exposing students to practical and technological aspects they will face daily in the medical industry. The elective was first offered in 2015 and a review in 2017 showed that 70% of all IUSM graduates has enrolled in the course.

During the upcoming guest lecture at Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Mr. Orndorff will share a presentation on “The History of Health Information Technology”. The presentation gives an overview of how it all began and how Health IT has progressed up to modern day innovations.

Course description:

84ZM700 – Introduction to Health Information Technology and Informatics (Online)

Rapid advances in technology in today's world allow physicians to utilize technology to extend therapy. This elective offers an introduction to the common terms, concepts and breakthroughs in the fields of Health Information Technology (HIT) and Biomedical Informatics. A prime example is the use of mobile apps for diabetic patients, medication management, or patients with chronic conditions that require ongoing evaluation. It is an exciting time to practice medicine and explore new tools such as recent use of "wearables" in ambulatory care or the use of voice-to-text for patient care summary notes. The objectives of this course are designed to improve interactions with new applications, the use of medical mobile apps and emerging technologies in medicine, and prepare the medical student ahead of residency.

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