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Ruth Lilly Medical Library-3D Printing Exploration Day

An image of 3D Printed heart model in red and blue colors

Event:  Join us for Makerspace Exploration Day:  3D Printer
Date:  June 11, Friday with repeat session on Friday, June 18, 2021
Time:  1:00pm-2:00pm ET
Instructor:  Cassandra Jones, Nexus Manager

Please visit the library classes page to register for this and other library classes.

Attend via ZOOM: 

Please note:  Due to construction, enter via the building's west entrance located between the Van Nuys Medical Science Building and the IB Medical Library and Research Building.

As of June 1, entrance is via Crimson Card or call 317-274-7182 for assistance.

This session will cover the basics of 3D printing, how to find 3D models to print, the differences between types of 3D printers, the basics of how a 3D printer works, it will explain what a “slicer” is, how to import a 3D model into a “slicer”, how to prepare a model for 3D printing, some tips for general 3D printer maintenance, a brief explanation of different 3D printer materials, and a brief demo of 3D modeling for absolute beginners.

Examples of use of 3D printing in medicine:

  • Anatomical models for medical student education
  • Surgical planning
  • Surgical guides
  • Medical device prototyping
  • Medical simulations 

From the scholarly literature:

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