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November Suggestion Box Comments


It’s so cold in here!

I’ve noticed that the air conditioner is turned up higher throughout the day.  It’s currently cold outside, thus making the library an uncomfortable place to study.


  • The temperature of the library is controlled by Campus Facility Services (CFS). Please let our circulation staff know if it is uncomfortable and they will contact CFS.


Can you please fix the ceiling tiles in the women’s bathroom, please?


  • Thank you for reporting this. We have placed a work order with CFS to fix the ceiling tiles in the women’s 2nd floor restroom.


How have your views on Itachi changed over the past year?

As a reminder, below is the initial question we received:

Who is your favorite Naruto character and why is it Itachi?

  • Firstly, how do you know it is Itachi? Stone-cold killers are not our style (unless they are ninja warriors, obvs). Kakashi as sensei is our bet, trying to keep everyone in check.


Now that we’ve refreshed you, here is our follow up response:

  • Turns out that Itachi, like many things in life, is more complicated than initially thought. In choosing to spare his brother’s life, he also put himself in the position as a villain in his brother’s eye. In the end, his decision showed how much he did to try and protect his brother.

So—people may have more going on than meets the eye, and we should give them the benefit of the doubt. 

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