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May Comments from the Suggestion Boxes (both physical and digital)

diogenes suggestions

From this point forward, we will be posting our responses to comments received in the Suggestions Boxes, both physical and digital here on the blog. We apologize for not posting the digital suggestions here earlier, but we did take actions on suggestions where we could. We promise this will be consistent from here on out.

Q: Can we have meditation space in the library?
A: We’ll forward this idea to our admin, but our limited space maybe an issue. In the meantime, we hope you’ll find a tranquil spot in our study areas or outdoors in front.

Q: Request for treadmill and stationary bicycle.
A: Exercise is important, but equipment is noisy. IUSM has already thought of you by providing fitness facilities in the Daly Center basement

Facility comments: Dripping sinks in women’s restroom and warm library
A: We will notify Campus Facility Services about leaks. Please contact circulation desk about indoor climate problems. Sometimes sensors need time to react to the presence of occupants. Thanks for your feedback!

Q: Hello! Thak you so much for providing us with such a great library! My only request is that I love the availabilty/exixtence of the standing desk (yay for staying awak and alert while studying!), but some people who use the do not stand the time they are there. While I understand sitting part of the time and standing at other times, I get frustrated at times when peole use the mfor many hours and sit the entire time, making the very nice resource un available to everyone else. Would it be possible to add a small note or sign on the desks asking users toonly use the disk if thaey are planning to stand for at least parto of the time they are occupying the desk?
A: Thanks for the reminder. While we aren’t able to plice standing desk usage, we are happy to place courtesy reminders on them.

General Comment/Kudos: I’m graduating from IUSM next weekend. Just wanted to give a huge shout out to RLML! The newly renovated library is an amazing study space with great desks and fantastic light. There’s never been an article or a book I have requested that the staff at this library have not gotten through interlibrary loan or purchased for me. All of the staff were extremely helpful. The suggestion box answers are consistently on point. This library really made a positive impact on my medical education and should be bigly highlighted to IUSM applicants (tell them to compare to Georgetown, where the medical library is literally in a basement). Thank you!
A: Thank you so much for this comment! We do care about our students and it certainly makes us feel good to know we are making an impact on your education. 

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