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Policy Points: Grade Appeal Process

Update: This policy is now outdated. View the current policy.

As this BLOG gets started, we will be introducing different features that you can expect to see repeatedly. We will use this forum as a way of informing faculty and educational leadership across the state about new policies and processes that impact the delivery of high quality education. Here is the first installment of Policy Points.

We wish to update all IUSM course, clerkship, and competency directors on a recent modification to the grade appeal process that has been approved this fall by the Basic Science and Clinical Component Curriculum Committees and officially adopted in October by the Curriculum Council Steering Committee. This policy applies to medical student appeals of a failing grade in a course or clerkship, an Isolated Deficiency or Unsatisfactory in a competency, or failure in the end of third year OSCE. There is no appeal beyond a discussion with the course director/clerkship director for students who are dissatisfied with their non-failing grade.

There are 3 levels to this appeal process for each of these areas: Level 1 (Course/Clerkship Appeal), Level 2 (Academic Standards Committee Appeal), and Level 3 (Executive Associate Dean of Educational Affairs Appeal). Efforts have been made, as practical, to make these policies as uniform as possible in terms of responsibilities and timeline. A schematic of the grade appeal process is included here as an aid to your understanding.


Indiana University School of Medicine – Grade Appeal Process

If a student disagrees with a failing Course/Clerkship grade and wishes to appeal it, the student must use the following appeal level process:



If a student disagrees with the Course/Clerkship Director’s decision and wishes to file a second level appeal, the student must use the following appeal level process:



If a student disagrees with the ASC’s decision and wishes to file a third level and final appeal, the student must use the following appeal level process:



Checklists serving as routing and accounting forms will be used to formalize, document and manage the different sequences of this process. Fortunately, we do not get that many appeals due to the clarity with which you inform students of expectations. Thank you! However, in those circumstances for which students wish to appeal, our goal has been to standardize this process and make it as transparent as possible for students, faculty, oversight committees, and the administration. Please make sure your students are made aware of this policy.

The policy for grade, competency, and OSCE appeal is available at, along with the requisite appeal forms students are to use in this process. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Sheryl Allen, Associate Dean for Medical Student Affairs.


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