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Learning from Teaching

The following is a guest post by, Alex Djuricich, M.D., Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education

Accrediting bodies for continuing medical education have recently approved a new format for obtaining CME credit, called “Learning from Teaching”.  This format allows practicing physicians who teach medical students, residents or fellows in any environment to obtain credit for their own learning which came from teaching.  Note that this is not getting credit for teaching: it is credit for new learning that the faculty member pursues in the process of teaching medical students, residents or fellows. 

The IUSM CME office is excited to be able to offer this opportunity to faculty members within IUSM.  Our website has all of the information that faculty need to be able to obtain CME credit.  We have worked hard to minimize the “paperwork” associated with the process, but still need the faculty to answer a few questions in order to obtain the CME credits.  This can all be done online, without the need for faxing.  Our office will review the information in a timely manner, and then grant the credit to faculty via a .pdf document sent directly to the faculty’s email account.

Here is an example scenario.

A faculty is teaching a resident in an outpatient clinic, and the resident asks a question about the side effects of a particular medication for a patient he just saw.  The faculty member does not know the answer, so together with the resident, she looks up information about this on an online drug compendium guide.  They discuss the pros and cons of giving the medication to this individual patient based on the side effects.  The faculty and the resident then see the patient and discuss the medication, ultimately deciding together with the patient that they will write the prescription.

The faculty can then complete the form on our website, and can obtain CME credit for her own new learning about this medication and its side effects in a particular patient population which occurred while teaching this resident.

Please see this website here for more information about the Learning from Teaching process:

To obtain credit, click here: