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Canvas to receive new user interface on December 28th

The following information is from an email sent by John Gosney to the Learning Technologies-L listserv. To join the listserv and get regular updates like this in your email, follow the instructions here,, or send an email request to John Gosney,

On December 28th, Canvas will be updated with a new user interface, offering a more modern design and improved navigation.  The new interface will also maximize screen space, which is especially helpful on mobile devices.
Note: The new interface will not result in any functional changes to Canvas tools.

There are two major difference between the current and new interface:

  • The Global Navigation Menu has been moved from the top of the page (running from left to right) to the left side of the page (running from top to bottom).
  • The Canvas Dashboard now has two views.  The default view shows your active courses represented by colored cards with icons also showing recent activity for announcements, assignments, discussions and files.  Or, using the toggle button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you can change views to the familiar (current) recent activity stream.

For additional information, including screen shots illustrating the differences between the current and new interface, please see: 

To learn more about Canvas and how you can use it for your course, contact Lorie Shuck, Director of Learning Technology, or (317) 278-1506.